Tuesday, March 09, 2004

So life is moving right along, and still no internship is 100% secured. Interesting, b/c I'm finished w/ this one in approximately 5 days. It's funny b/c i'm not really scared--God's got it under control and doors will open in His time I'm sure!
I'm just waitin' it out!

Other than my internship being crazy, I have had a GREAT week so far! Chels and Courtney are in town for spring break so I have spent lots of time hanging out w/ them having good girly conversations and laughing a lot! It's such a blessing to have girls around! It was a blast going to see Dave Barnes in concert Friday night--if you're reading this and have never heard his music, you NEED to! He's so good. The guy who opened for him, Andy Davis, was pretty good too! After listening to their cutesy acoustic/jazzy love songs I've realized I'm a hopeless romantic who needs to daydream a little less. Or do i...

I love this city by the way. Indianapolis feels homey to me and I'd so love to be back here again someday! I hate to leave it, but I think I'll be back. Don't worry Indy...I will return! I don't know when, but I will!

Well that's all I've got for tonight--nothing funny, nothing creative, nothing special. Wow, I'm boring! I'm going to bed!

Layta dawgs.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Home Sweet Indiana

Well I'm back in black, and by black I mean cold! Sure it's not freezing in Indiana but it was nice and warm in Florida! However that was a tease b/c i didn't get to chill on the beach or anything! It was a nice trip but also a long one...two days of travel in the bus? A little much I must say! Gosh there are some weird scary places in Florida, though, and I think they need to reconsider hiring certain ppl for work at their fast-food restaurants. We almost ate at a Steak 'n Shake somewhere in florida and once we realized that the one and only waitress was completely wasted (and looked like she rolled around in the food for awhile) we got up and left. A few more experiences like that made me consider not going back to Florida again, but then I remembered that the sunshine is well worth it!

However, it is good to be back in the midwest. Looking fwd. to chilling w/ the girls around here in the area! Can't wait to see Dave Barnes in concert friday night--great music. Other than that I've got 2 weeks left of this internship and then it's off to a new and unknown place! Looks like possibilities are happenin' in chi-town so i'm excited about that! Well i'm goin to bed, it's been a loooong week! if you're my friend and you're reading this give me a call sometime! (Rachel, Krista, and Steph you're the only ones i know of who read this so hi girls!) hope to see ya'll soon!
love ya!