Thursday, April 01, 2004

Too bad I can't think of any good pranks to play on anyone. I wish I was good at that stuff! I'm also glad I'm not in the office today b/c I'm sure the Arts staff at CCC is like the best you could find in a world of pranksters! So yes, it's been awhile, and I'm now in a different place again. I can't wait to be settled somewhere for good! I moved up to Naperville last week and have been interning at Community Christian Church and I LOVE it! The church is based on what they call the 3C's: "Celebrate, Connect, and Contribute" and so far I have seen and experienced all three. I have felt so welcomed there and I have been able to connect and contribute more than I've felt in a long time. It's such a joy to actually know that I'm serving and making a difference in a way that fits me perfectly with my gifts and passions. I'm sad that it will be such a short internship!

As for post-graduation news, I will announce to any who are reading this (not many, if anyone at all) that I have accepted that position of Admissions Counselor at LCC. I'll be taking Chris Foster's position starting June 1, so I am looking forward to that. It will be a great experience to start out with and maybe after a year or two of that I'll be able to serve again in a church like CCC in Naperville or somewhere like it.

The people I live with here are great. It's a single woman, about 34, w/ her 13 year old daughter Alex. Sherrie, the mother, is engaged and getting married in July, and it's so fun to watch how excited and in love she is. It's encouraging to me to have that to look forward to someday!

By the way, I never got to update on the Shane & Shane concert I went to TWICE in one week! Shaun Groves, Ginny Owens, and Shane & Shane. What a great experience to have to sit back and listen to music that reflects the Scriptures and allows me to worship even just in listening! I am constantly listening to Shane & Shane's newest CD, "Upstairs," because it is really personal to me. It's mostly about being lovesick for the Lord and that is truly how I've felt. I have missed His presence and been unsure of how to get back to it and that's what the CD's about! I know everyone seems to say that I'm obsessed w/ Shane & Shane, but it's not them that I'm obsessed with. It's that their music and their lyrics make me so much more obsessed w/ Jesus and they make me love him even more. THAT is what great music is all about.

Shaun Groves also spoke his mind about the true meaning of worship and how little music has to do w/ it. So true, so true. It's more about loving the least and serving than it is about singing. His comment: "I find that there are a lot more singers than worshippers." Man that has changed me since the first AND second time I heard it--of course I can serve by singing but I need to find other ways to serve and love the least.

Well there's my piece for the day...maybe for the month, since I have forgotten to write in this thing for so long! I'm going to explore the area a little more and possibly take a ride up to IKEA--fun! :-) Have a great day everyone.

"When we love the least, we love Jesus."