Monday, July 26, 2004

After you read my previous blog, you MUST (yes, you MUST!!!) run (yes, RUN!!!) to go buy Jamie Cullum's CD "Twentysomething."  This music is incredible.  If you don't like jazzy, soulful type music, however, you probably won't like it.  Still, I think you should try it!'s heavenly.  I'm scared the Brit is about to become huge in the U.S. for fear of him being overplayed, b/c I like that he's unknown right now.  But, for his sake, I'm telling you all about him!

The Generation Gap
I firmly believe that God's hand was guiding me to go to Lincoln Christian Church rather than Eastview (as I normally do) yesterday morning just to be able to tell this story... So join me as I figure out my thoughts on this generation gap thing...
I have come to the conclusion that I'm tired of ignoring this problem that exists in our churches nationwide.  And why in the world does it always seem to come from the root of MUSIC styles???  I just don't understand.  I sat down in church yesterday, unbeknownst to me, in front of whom I now regard as one of the rudest elderly ladies I have ever seen or heard.  Now as I write, don't get me wrong here...I completely respect the elderly even when they are rude, simply because they're older than me and much more experienced.  However, when it comes to complaints like the ones I heard in church yesterday, I'm not sure how to maintain that respect. 
The worship band was comprised of high schoolers (except for Chelsea singing) and they did a great job. The woman behind me apparently disagreed.  The entire time we were singing, she complained to her friend with phrases like "Oh dear Lord" or "I can't even understand what they're saying" or "UGGHHHH" and many other things I didn't hear and tried not to.  I was so distracted by her old lady smoker voice that was filled with griping comments.  Once when the worship band stood up again to lead in an song after prayer she said "oh, not them again!" and kept moaning and groaning about everything.  Once in awhile when she spewed out a rude remark I'd sort of glance back at her to let her know I could hear her.  At the end of the service there were 2 baptisms, and one of the members of the worship team just didn't know to kneel down to get out of the way (not a big deal, b/c you could still see around him).  So TWICE I heard this old lady murmur "STUPID IDIOT" and that's when I really got mad.  She was lucky she left during the closing song (b/c she didn't like it) because I really wanted to say a few things to her (not in a bad way, but to try to build a bridge somehow). 
Anyways, I have a serious problem when it comes to that kind of generation gap.  First of all, she should have chosen the earlier traditional service if she didn't prefer that type of music  Second, the church too often ignores this type of thing and just lets it go as "well she's just older, we'll just leave it alone and try to please the elderly as much as possible by keeping their traditions".  I do agree w/ keeping traditions that are Biblical, but I don't agree with doing things to please people.  There are no specifications on music styles in the Bible, but I do know there are specific scriptures telling us not to complain, to submit to our church authority & leaders, to respect the elderly, yet not to look down on those who are younger b/c they can set an example, etc.  There are numerous counts against her and I find her guilty as one of those who build up walls within the Church today. 
There are so many lessons to be learned from the older generations.  I believe wholeheartedly that they have a lot more wisdom than we do, and our younger generations have the potential to become more ignorant as the years go by if we do not consider the wisdom and leadership of those older than ourselves.  I think it's quite unbiblical to keep traditions and just please people for tradition's sake.  I also think it's unbiblical to try to mold the church to fit the postmodern culture if it happens to compromise the Bible as the authority of the Church.  Yesterday I saw no compromise happen.  But I did see this: a HUGE generation gap that somehow needs to be bridged so that no one is torn down, disrespected, or discouraged from using their gifts in the church and in the world.  I know this is nothing new, and that this problem has existed for quite some time, but it needs to have constant attention.  It was just brought to my attention yesterday and I wanted to share it so we can all pray about some way to bridge the gap...b/c I certainly don't know how!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thank You Aquafresh!
After reading my most recent blogs and after what you're about to read in this blog, I'm considering creating an Awards ceremony for products... just for anything in the world!  Man it would be huge!  They already have awards for tv shows, movies, music, sports, etc. but not for commercials or products as far as I know.  We could come up w/ a new name...let's see, they've got the Emmy's, Grammy's, what could we name it?  Anyways, there would obviously be different categories for like "best new invention" or "best creativity" or "best commercial" (my personal favorite) or "best dual product commercial" (like Target's commercials that also advertise a product available in their own store--great idea to partner up guys!)...i don't know let's come up w/ some more categories. 
Anyways, the only reason I'm going on and on about this is b/c of one simple award I'd like to give out--to the people at Aquafresh.  So simple, yet so smart.  Their new toothpaste that has the floss thing in the cap (cleverly entitled "Floss 'N' Cap") is my favorite thing ever.  The toothpaste, though nothing special, is good, but they have promoted cleaner teeth for me.  I really don't like to floss and I just never thought about it most of the time until I bought this toothpaste.  However, now when I go to brush my teeth the floss cap is just sitting there staring at me, holding me accountable to flossing.  So, I've broken down and I do it every single night before I brush.  What great accountability!  And so, I suppose Aquafresh would win the accountability award. 
As you can see, these blogs are just getting better and better (as you and I both roll our eyes or laugh at that statement).  Once again, a very non-inspiring, yet corny blog day.  I hope you have a wonderful day and an even greater weekend! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Last Commercial Standing?

This is a good summery color, isn't it?  So last night, following my evening walk/run (in effort to reach my summer goal of working out at least twice a week), I returned home to watch my Tues. night lineup on TV.  On Last Comic Standing, it was the night where the Final Five would be chosen.  Unfortunately they called back the comedians who are no longer standing and, as if they were missed, they were asked to vote for who they wanted to see eliminated.  I was getting so mad, because I am sick of the non-funny people moving on just because the others have some sort of personal discrepancies or alliances against those who actually ARE funny.  So here's my suggestion for you if you ever go on a show like that-- forget your stupid strategies and alliances and give credit to whom is the funniest!  By the way, I'd really like to hit Bonnie McFarlane w/ one of those snow boots she wears w/ her flappy skirt when she performs, because she had the nerve to come back from being eliminated and say that no one left was funny!  ohhhh the nerve.....

And in the midst of all of this, I believe we should also have a TV reality show about commercials.  That's something new, right?  Then maybe we could get rid of all the overplayed commercials that are stuck in between the good shows we want to watch.  For awhile I was interested in the car commercials b/c I'm starting to look for a new car and all, but I think I've seen enough of the same ones!  Maybe a commercial competition entitled "Last Commercial Standing" would enforce a little more creativity?  Why not?  We already have FOX & ABC dueling w/ their copycat titles: Trading Spouses--Meet Your New Mommy (FOX), and ABC's already-hit Extreme Makeover, now fondly being called 'Trading Faces.'  What in the world is happening in the land of TV?  Is the summer programming really so bad that you can't come up w/ good ideas and good titles for shows?

Well, I suppose that's enough food for thought right now.  Yes, fulfilling, I know.  Today I don't think my blog is so much for inspiration as it is for venting about last night's television.  On that note, have a wonderful day! 

Monday, July 19, 2004

I never realized quite how much we depend on light until last night.  I had gone to sleep around 11:15 p.m. and at 12:00 I woke up wondering why it was suddenly much warmer in my bedroom.  Looking around, I noticed that it was pitch black and even my alarm clock didn't shed its ever-so-slight bit of light into my room.  I started to wonder if I was really awake, and after awhile I finally came to my senses and knew that the power had just gone out.  Not only in my apartment, but it was out in the entire town of Lincoln and even in towns nearby!  Even the street lights were out, so the city was a dark, dark place.  When the next car went past and its headlights spread a brief little light, I made my way to find my cell phone.  With its small light, I found my candle lighter and lit a candle in my room.  I carried that to the kitchen and sat to look out the window into the dark black night.  It was so spooky!  The cars on the street were the only source of light!  One car drove past, and stopped in the road below my apartment, rolled down their window, and I think said "hello?" once or twice.  Terrified and spooked as I was, I definitely didn't respond, b/c I had no idea what was going on.  So what next?  I just froze and sat there probably looking a little like a ghost in the window but oh well.  That's when I didn't want to be living by myself in my apartment. 
I went back to my room and sat there in the candlelight wondering "God, is there something you want to teach me through this?"  All I came up w/ was the reiteration of several places in Scripture that refer to Jesus as the light and us as the light of the world.  Seeing how black it was w/o any light last night it was scary to think how dark this world could possibly be!  Dang, we've got a job to do!  ( i risk the cheesiness factor by imagining Kathy Troccoli's old tune "Go Light Your World" that we all heard at graduation one time or another?  I think NOT!) Anyways, though it was quite terrifying by myself last night in the city-wide blackout, I realized its parallel to ministry.  It was a God thing that I woke up last night during that blackout, just like it was a God thing that I woke up from who I used to be and decided I wanted to do ministry of some kind for the rest of my life!  Yeah, it's still scary sometimes by myself, but hey--"this little light of mine, i'm gonna let it shine!"   OK, that's enough for today...

Friday, July 16, 2004

Ooh, how exciting!  The blogging people have finally given some options to its users in font, size, color, etc.!  This is a nice change! 
What a great past few days I have had.  It has just been nice...good long walks/a little running by myself, my wonderful book that I've only got a chapter left in, seeing friends, a new ministry opportunity w/ Fuel @ Eastview, and I'm just lovin' it!  It has been beautiful outside, and enjoying that is one of my favorite things.  I went to the pool this morning (today's my great friday off--yay!)  and that's always a nice relaxing time.  Now I'm heading out to the store soon. 
Possibly going to see Anchorman tonight but i'm not sure...I've heard mixed things about it, but I think I'll see it anyway.  There was something I saw in Wal-Mart last night that I found funny and wanted to write about in here, but I can't remember what it was!  Grrr...  Well this is a boring blog so it's about to end.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

here's an enjoyable link if you're extremely bored...listen to samples of Kidz Bop CD's online--why in the world did someone go to this extreme? Somewhat funny, yet somewhat scary. do we really want our children to sing Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever?" Haha. check it out.

So yesterday I checked a book out from the library called "Twentysomething" by Margaret Feinberg. I must admit, I felt slightly embarrassed about checking out a book about "striving and thriving in the real world as someone in their 'quarterlife crisis'." I began to read it last night and I could NOT put it down! It's really good, though I feel like much of it is common sense that I am thankful to have already known. My life is certainly not in shambles like it could be at my age--I don't have a monstrous credit card debt, I already know how to bargain-shop, I never expected to make millions in my life (did you know that in a 2001 survey, 52% of college graduates stated they expect to be millionaires by the age of 40? call me a skeptic, but dream on!), and much of the other practical wisdom in the book has already come to my knowledge just by living on my own. However, there's something about this book that's grappling, and I can't put my finger on what it is... I like it a lot, but I don't know whether if you read it I'd guarantee the same for you.

Enough about my about my TV lineup? Out of my expansive range of two channels, I have a Monday & Tuesday night lineup on FOX and NBC. Yes, I have subjected myself to the ridiculous summer drama & reality TV programming. Here goes:
7:00 North Shore on FOX
8:00 For Love or Money 2 on NBC
9:00 Who Wants to Marry Our Dad? on NBC
10:00 Friends rerun on FOX

7:00 rerun of previous week's Last Comic Standing
8:00 new Last Comic Standing (i love this show!)
9:00 Law & Order: SVU

So there you you know how I spend my mondays & tuesdays in lincoln, IL. sadly, i look forward to having something so ridiculous to keep me busy! In the midst of watching, I have to give props to some advertising agencies who are finally thinking out of the box--great job!

Ad Agency for Meijer--way to use the reverse psychology on us! (commercial w/ the little girl tasting a brand of spinach and then says "yuck" and then she tastes the Meijer brand spinach and says "yuck"--their idea is that you're getting the same quality you get from any other brand...for less)

Ad Agency for Sprint --What better way to teach us about your cell phone minutes/plans than by pretending to manipulate children by limiting their macaroni minutes or by giving the special brand new art set only to the new student b/c she's more special than anyone else?

Ad Agency for T-Mobile--nice try for trying to be just like Sprint w/ your commercial w/ the guy jumping after his cell phone into the gorilla pit at the zoo b/c he's afraid the gorilla will make a roaming call on his phone. keep trying, maybe you'll catch up to the other cell-phone company bigwigs.

Ad Agency for Olive Garden & Red Lobster -- you're doing great at making me want your food every time I see your commercials. keep it up, you're going to make me broke and fat someday!

That's all for now...i'm sure you're overwhelmed w/ this long boring mass of blog. hope you have a wonderful day! leave me a gives me something to do!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Who am I?

Good question. I don't know either. I'm making progress daily though on figuring out the answer to that question. It's quite an adventure to learn more about yourself, and I think it's a lifelong adventure. I feel like in the past few days I've learned a lot about myself. I won't share the personal details, but some of the silly things I spend too much time focusing on have come to surface in my mind. It's great to realize those things but it's so hard to figure out how to implement any change.

I went to CIY for 2 days to visit the girls' CIY team that I supervise, and it was soooo refreshing. My heart is so passionate about the ministry of Christ In Youth. I really hope to work there someday and I'm beginning already to pray for open doors in the future. I had the chance to see A LOT of people I knew from my 6 weeks of CIY last summer and from my internship w/ One 5 Oh and from past years on camp teams. What a great time, but it gets to be somewhat draining. Sometimes I wonder if I spread myself too thin in efforts to visit & talk w/ such a plethora of people. However, that's probably my own fault.

Other than that, what an incredible time of praise! CIY has always been like a little tiny vision of heaven that increases my faith like a thousand times more. It was fun to worship w/ the music of One 5 Oh again, even though it was slightly weird to not be up there anymore! Also, Jayson French knocked it out of the ballpark w/ his sermon friday night. WOW!!! To make it short, his point was this: "GO!!!!" It's that simple. Don't sit there. Don't get comfortable. Don't be afraid. Don't fear your lack of confidence. Don't be afraid that you don't have the right words to say. Don't worry that you might be rejected by the world or people around you. Get up, and GO!!! Make a difference! Find just one person to invest yourself in and begin praying for them. How awesome would it be if every student at every CIY this summer accepted the challenge to bring one person to Christ in the next year--- the Kingdom would be drastically changed and expanded! The theme of CIY this summer is "The Kingdom" and that's exactly what I need to be focused on more. Not myself, but my cause.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"Let's kick off our shoes and wade through the night..."

What a great summer song...I am listening to a little Matty Wertz right now and that song just makes me want to go run around outside on a summer night...or dance...either one.

I was looking at Relevant Magazine online earlier and found a review for a new jazz artist named Jamie Cullum--his CD is next on my list to purchase I think. Go to Best Buy's website and listen to samples of his CD, Twentysomething. He's like 23 years old with the vocals and style of Steve Tyrell or Frank Sinatra, and lyrics that somehow remind me of John Mayer but are quite similar to classic jazz people like Frank or Tony Bennett.

Oh let's see...since my last post I've been to Cincinnati and back. It was actually a good time in the city, even though it was for Bible Bowl! One of the teams saw Nick & Jessica in Grater's eating ice cream on Wed. night, so I had my eyes peeled everywhere I went in hopes of seeing them myself. (no such luck.) Tomorrow I'm going to CIY in Anderson, IN to visit the CIY teams from LCC, and I'm so excited to see lots of people I know from different things. good friends. good memories. good times.

Other than that...I'm still stuck in this funk of not knowing who I am or what my passions are or what I want to do for the rest of my life. I think sometimes I'm too focused on figuring that out, but really it's not my job to figure it out. God's got it all under control and so I've just got to let it go and realize that this is all part of the growing-up in life and faith process. Eventually, I suppose I'll just that how it works? I hope so. Kinda like when people say you "just know" when you've met the person you're going to marry? I'm not so sure how that works, but then again you never know... Anyways, I'm realizing that I'm not the only one who feels this fact, a lot of people I've talked to feel the same way this summer. It's encouraging to know other people are in the same place as you.

Well, though the end of my work day is still a good hour and a half away, I'll end this blog. You'd be so bored if I wrote for another hour and a half! later yo.