Tuesday, September 14, 2010

13 days...

So...I'm really terrible at writing lately, but I do need to share this.

There are 13 days left to buy tickets for an upcoming event that is very near & dear to my heart for a ministry that is very near & dear to my heart: The Scarlet Hope Gala - An Evening of Hope.

On Friday, Oct. 1st, we're having a formal night at The Grand theater in downtown New Albany, IN that will include dinner, a silent auction, some great speakers, and a documentary about the life of a dancer. If you're not familiar with the ministry of Scarlet Hope, please check out this post I wrote awhile back or go to the Scarlet Hope website. We are simply taking the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness that is the sex industry in Louisville, KY. This requires some resources, and we're realizing as more and more girls are wanting to leave the industry that we need more money to help them take the next step.

This Gala isn't only a formal evening of fun, but it's truly an investment in this ministry. If you've got the night free, an old dress or suit to put on, and $75 to spare for a ticket, please join us! I'd love to have friends & family here to support this ministry for the evening--even if you make it a weekend trip to Louisville! If you're interested, please contact me ASAP or go to www.scarlethope.org to purchase tickets online.

If you can't attend, please pray for this event and for those who will be attending. Pray that it will be successful in sharing the word about the ministry to others in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area so that they can not only invest financially but prayerfully & with servant hearts as a part of this ministry.

Also, just as a side note that is not at all a minor detail: we celebrated with one dancer this past weekend as she was baptized! She is on fire for Christ right now, and honestly, it's teaching me that I've lost a passion for God's Word that she seems to have. Such a great reminder to those of us who have been believers for a long time...I'm humbled by her passion & reminded of my own complacency. Praise God with us for one more life changed...she is one of at least 3 within the past 2 months or so who have accepted Christ or rededicated their lives to Christ!