Thursday, May 06, 2004

TV and life

So the final Friends just finished about 1 minute and a half ago and I felt like venting on here rather than crying to myself while wondering how in the world a TV show can become so real to us. Wow, what a great show, and how realistic was that! Sure it's unrealistic in some ways too, but so close to reality in the idea of moving on in life. How is it that the producers of a show can make it feel like you're right there w/ the characters and they're right here with you. They're so darn good at it! I feel like a big dork, but I'm going to miss those guys!

Well I thought I had a lot more to say than that but I can't do it without getting too cheesy, and I'll save the world from having to read that. We've got enough cheesiness...

Alright, I'm out to find a Mother's Day gift for my momma!