Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Miss Mayberry...

Lately I've been incredibly nostalgic when I take my evening walks or run outside through the streets and sidewalks of Lincoln. Summer nights can put a smile on my face no matter what kind of day I've had. I don't even mind the humidity as long as it's warm at night. Two weeks ago I was in California and I hated that the evenings were chilly. I never thought I'd prefer Illinois over California, but I definitely enjoy our summer nights a little more.

I love summertime in general, but the evenings make me happiest and most nostalgic. While I was running the other night, I was disappointed in how many empty front porches there were. Living in an apartment, I miss having a front porch or a back patio or a yard to sit on. I can't comprehend why so many people buy furniture for their porches or patios and never actually use it. This is my plea: if you have furniture outside, please use it. Or I will come sit on your porch for you...

While I was walking, my mind kept running through all the things I miss about being a kid on a summer night. I ran past a baseball field and suddenly missed the sounds of the ballparks in Streator on a summer night. From our house you could hear the fans at Southside (where the boys baseball fields were) and at Bodznick Field (where the girls played softball). You could see the lights in the distance and hear dozens of parents yelling for their kids. I miss walking down there to watch friends or boys I had a crush on play. I miss going to Owens' field or Kimes School to watch my dad play in the city or church softball league. One of his favorite things to do was play and coach softball, and I loved going to games. If nothing else, it was always good for a Sno-Cone, a Jolly Rancher stick (particularly Peach or Fire flavored...), some Laffy Taffy w/ sugar crystals on it, or some Fun Dip.

I miss playing outside with the neighbor kids as long as we possibly could until our moms would call us in for dinnertime. We'd rush back out after dinner and play long and hard. On a few occasions, we'd set up our tent outside (which was the furthest it ever went camping) and sleep in the backyard hoping the earwigs (the bugs w/ pinchers on the front) wouldn't actually crawl in our ears.

I miss running around and catching lightning bugs in glass jars and trying to keep them alive. In my more aggressive times, I miss smashing them on the sidewalk just to see the yellow glow for a few lingering seconds. I even miss searching for nightcrawlers in the ground after a good summer rain so we'd have worms for the next fishing day at Lazy Acres or Sandy Ford.

I miss lighting sparklers on the 4th of July and running around writing my name in the air with the little fire-y stick. I miss watching the fireworks in the back of my dad's truck sitting on a cooler or laying on a blanket. I miss bonfires with our old neighbors when mom and dad would let me stay out with all of the cool adults.

I miss all these things about being a kid, but I'm glad to have such great memories. I keep telling myself that now is the time to start making more. Instead of just reminiscing, I want to keep creating them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

observations in transit

-Today as I was running in Lincoln I passed a house that used to be all white siding. Someone apparently got in the mood for red, white, and blue, because they painted every other row of siding red and a large blue square in the upper left corner of the house. Someone really loves flags...

-While driving to Anderson, IN last night to visit our CIY team girls at conference, I noticed a large billboard for Hemorrhoid Pain. I suppose that's a pretty good advertisement idea since you're communicating with people who are sitting while driving and just might be in some pain...

-I've begun to wonder if there will be eternal construction on I-74 near Danville, IL...I think there has been for as long as I can remember.

-It's not only in Lincoln that people don't know how to drive. I'm learning that this is a worldwide phenomenon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

California...knows how to party... the citaaaay of L.A....we keep it rockin'.... now shake, shake it baby...shake shake it mama, shake shake it baby, shake it cali...

It's funny that as I typed that I didn't realize until just now as I sang it in my head that "Shake it" was in those lyrics and that's the theme of this NACCAP conference we're at. It's "Shake It Up" so every time someone says it, I just do a little booty shake.

So anyway, Lindsey, Davis, and I are at Biola University right now in La Mirada, CA for the NACCAP (National Association for Christian College Admissions Personnel) Conference. It started last night and we were exhausted b/c according to CA time, we were up at 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning to catch our flight.

Interestingly enough, I think IL is warmer in the mornings and evenings than it is here. It's really chilly with the wind here, but it's really hot in the sunshine in the afternoon. We have built-in beach time tomorrow with the conference, so we're looking fwd to that for sure! Wednesday is the end of the conference and we're staying an extra day and a half to chill and enjoy the SoCal sunshine and hopefully hang out w/ our old buddy Lindsay Heston who is acting out here in Hollywood. (I just linked her name w/ because she has a page on out for this girl, she's coming out!)

So that's about all I've got...other than the fact that we may go say hey to Paris in jail...