Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"Hi, I'm backup Betty."

"Backup Betty?" you ask? Yeah, that's what my sister called me tonight on the phone when I told her that I sang w/ One 5 Oh! tonight at Chapel Rock Christian Church. Hilarious. Anyways, so yeah I sang and I consider that as conquering something I've been terrified to do for quite awhile. Interestingly enough it went pretty well and I think I'm singing again this weekend w/ the band in front of like 700 people in Cincinnati. I'm thinking about being introduced as Backup Betty...good idea? HAha. For real though, God taught me a lot just about worship in general...I was nervous at first but then halfway through I realized how selfish that was--why was I nervous to sing before my God? He doesn't care what I sound like, and if He gifted me to sing enough to be up on the stage then why should I be nervous, right? IT was more of a growth experience than I could ever put into words probably.

Among many other huge things in my life right now God is teaching me a TON! I'm starting to face some big decisions about the future for after graduation and all...just considering my options and figuring out what I want to do and where I want to go. It's scary yet exciting at the same time. I'm totally trusting God and every day it seems like I'm taking a new leap of faith! I'm growing so much though and it's amazing. I'm also SO thankful for all of my friends for keeping in touch w/ me so well (well, MOST of them!) It brings so much joy to my day just to talk to people that I know and love!

Looking fwd to this weekend at CBC--should be LOTS of fun! Also looking fwd to next week I'm going to visit LCC and my family in Streator! Yay! (only for like a day and a half but it's cool)

Well I have a lot to ponder and I'm going to go do that before I go to bed. Tomorrow's my big day off! Yay! Those are fun. ok I've officially used "yay" now 3 times in this...I'm done. sorry. I am going to talk to my Jesus and then i'm off to bed. :-) Goodnight all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Random Thoughts...

So tonight as I sat and watched one of the best girly movies ever, You've Got Mail, I thought about Meg Ryan "sending a question out into the void." It reminded me much of what I'm doing right now. The internet is really something, isn't it? You can actually sit and type anything you want; you can write the complete truth or make up everything entirely. You could reinvent yourself as a completely imaginary person if you wanted! That could be fun...but fortunately my integrity always leads me to only truth-telling. However, I do enjoy writing whatever I feel or think without really knowing if anyone is going to read it or not. Sometimes I like to pretend that people actually look at this website, but then I remember that everyone has probably forgotten about it and I'm really just "sending these random letters out into the void" as Meg Ryan did. Ah well...I always did want to be just like her! I just love her hair in that movie so much!

OK enough about that. Things are great here--got back from skiing (or TRYING to ski) in PA this past weekend. It would take days to tell you about my many falls and tumbles to the ground so I'll save you from the torture! It was sure entertaining, I would say, and I'm positive that anyone who saw me was laughing!

This weekend we're staying around Indy so that's exciting. My first actual weekend around here!

Well I should really get some sleep...busy day in the office tomorrow! I have got to prepare myself! (Gosh, I'm in a crazy writing mood right now!) As I must quote from the movie one more time, "Thank Yer" for reading my blog! Layta.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Preparing for takeoff again

I cannot believe I haven't updated this in so long it seems like! Anyways, things have been great here in Indy. I'm starting to get more and more used to it so it's not too awkward here anymore. I've been working in the office and today I actually have a LOT to do! I'm working on sending out support letters and later this afternoon my task will be to go to the store and get lots of food to stock up the bus for our upcoming ski weekend in Pennsylvania. There is a high school winter retreat that we'll be at, and it's supposed to be several churches from the Indy area. I'm excited to go and to ski, even though I haven't "hit the slopes" since my first and last time in 8th grade! I'll try to count how many times I fall, but it will most likely be too many to number. I may have to start using letters too.

Anyways, it's weird b/c i'm never quite sure what to write on this thing b/c some of you I have talked to and updated you personally.

I suppose I should get going though b/c I'm going to head home for lunch soon. I'm in the office by myself at the moment, but my belly is a-rumblin'. I will hopefully talk to ya'll soon! Call me whenever you want, I love to hear from my friends and fam! Peace...I'm out.

(p.s. I looked back at my old blogs and remembered that I was going to pick a new song each day--oops, I guess I forgot about that! haha. I suppose that will be a random thing instead of daily.)

Monday, January 05, 2004

On the road and back again...

Whew! It's been awhile since my blogging days a week ago! I'm now in Avon, IN, sitting around in my house just checking my email. I moved on Thursday and already Friday I left w/ One 5 Oh to go to a high school winter retreat in northern Indiana. We got back late last night so I got to sleep in today--that was wonderful! The weekend was great and actually it was very similar to camp teams for me. I am really enjoying it so far though--the first day I was here I was kinda getting nervous and afraid of just the idea of everything being new and different to me, but I'm starting to get used to it now.

It's weird b/c you'd think I have a whole lot to write on here but nothing is really coming to my mind or fingers. I do need to get my shower and get ready to be in the office around 1:00 today so I could get started doing that instead. Maybe I'll have some more details to write about later. Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year! Much love...