Friday, July 28, 2006

kicking the air

So I do this thing when I get mad and I just kick the air. I'm kicking the air at America right now. Why? Because I just saw that ALLISON got kicked off of So You Think You can Dance this week. Dang you, Americans who know nothing about dance! She was one of the absolute best! TICKED OFF.

sometime in the near future I'll write about my thoughts from CIY this week after I process them, but right now I'm just plain mad at America. I wish I would've been able to watch and vote...maybe I could have saved her...

though she's probably better off...the winner has to go dance for Celine Dion's show in Vegas. Allison deserves better. I'll try to look at the bright side...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

So You Think You Can...

Oh no you didn't, FOX...I can't even believe you are doing this. This will be the best birthday present EVER.

So You Think You Can Dance is TOURING this fall! I am so pumped. September 22--at the Rosemont in Chicago. yes, yes ya'll. Or if that doesn't work, then ON my birthday, September 21--they're in St. Louis @ the Fox Theater.

Tickets go on sale in August. And they better not cost me an arm and a leg.

And I am currently missing it this week, so I'll be watching taped episodes when I get back (hopefully) from CIY in Bolivar, MO. I'm sure I'll have lots more to write as well.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

this is my past few weeks plus the next week and a half:

louisville, ky
oshkosh/appleton, wi
louisville, ky
bolivar, mo

...and, done. though i love my travels, i'm tired. and that is because it is late. so now i will go to bed. tomorrow: chicago.

Monday, July 17, 2006

dang internet...

so I just wrote an entire blog and b/c the Marriott's internet is ridiculous expensive here in

so somehow I'm connected to the Comfort Inn's wireless...(???i don't understand this stuff...) and then it disconnected me and lost my blog. oh well. it was clearly unimportant.

We're here for the National Small College Enrollment Conference and so far, it's been great! To most I'm sure it sounds like watching paint dry, but it really makes me more excited about my job and it's fun to learn from hearing about how other schools work. It's a much different world here during this conference than from the North American Christian Convention in Louisville just a few weeks ago, but just as the NACC world is a subculture, so is the College Admissions/Retention/Enrollment world.

I am happy to be in the South and to have all the SWEET TEA I want. Seriously, the rest of the country needs to jump on that train. (OK since i just said "jump on that train" it reminded me of the new Rascal Flatts song "Me and My Gang" that is too cheesy for their own good...just a side thought. I digress...) And Lindsey is happy w/ her Derby Pie at Bistro 301 down the street.

And I really like my new phone. Say hello to her:

and i like my Kirk Franklin ringtone... ;-)

Friday, July 14, 2006

The 2 Greatest Photographers Ever

This video is hilarious! Jeremy Cowart, who is an amazing photographer of a lot of musicians I love, "interviews" Dave Barnes and another guy Barrett Ward. He's asking them about all these photography terms...sooo funny.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the eleventy bajillionth blog of the day...well, only the 2nd you'll see

I am one of five things:
a) a fraidy-cat
b) extremely paranoid
c) overly imaginative
d) MacGyver
d) all of the above

While sitting in my windowsill and reading (with my windows open, of course, b/c I prefer fresh air over air conditioning, so in the midst of summer heat I allow both simultaneously.), I heard a car alarm that seemed to sound like it was coming from where mine is parked behind the apartments. Without much concern, I carry on, assuming and hoping it is not. About 3 minutes later, and approximately every 4-5 minutes from there on out, the car alarm repeated itself. I started to grow in my concern.

I also saw a teenage boy across the street carrying something (i have no idea what) and yelling across to his friend. Then he ran back across the street, seemingly to where my car and my neighbors' cars are parked. The car alarms continued only about every 5 minutes, but no further voices except every once in awhile and very distant-sounding.

I watched cars drive by on the street to see if there was any reaction, and one van did slow down with some concern, but ne'er again returned. I also keep thinking I'm hearing something like the sound of some kind of metal pipe or something, which could just be the remnants of tonight's rain dripping onto a pipe somewhere nearby. Or, from my crazy mind, I have decided it is someone taking the rims off of one of the cars.

Finally, after another car alarm I decided I'd go and check on the situation. Slowly I unlocked my door, opened it, stood there, heard nothing but silence inside the hallway, and got scared. I closed the door again and returned to my windowsill.

I still think they're out there. Maybe I'm just plain crazy. Right now I'd like to think I'm MacGyver instead, and that in the morning, the police will be wanting to know my infamous details as a witness for their records of someone's lost rims or broken-into car...possibly even my own.

I think I need to get a life. But we'll just see in the morning...for now I'm too scared to go see for myself.

i'm back in black...except not.

Back from Wisconsin, yo. It's so much more friggin' humid here. Why? I suppose it could be as humid as it is in Savannah, GA. now THAT is humidity.

I feel like I have a million things to catch up on, but I never can seem to get any of them done. Why is that? I can't seem to focus myself for some reason. I need some good windowsill time to just sit and read and think and write tonight. I think that's how I'll spend my evening.

I have lots of things that I've wanted to sit and think and pray and write about lately. Community is one of them. Church along with that, which is pretty much the same thing. I feel like I'm trying to find my place in a church right now, and especially after talking to Becka the other night for awhile about how hard it is to have to "pick" a church after college, I'm feeling weighed down about it. Though I've sort of chosen one already and have been going there, it's like I'm having second thoughts. I don't really know where I belong anymore among churches.

I really want and need to be serving in some way. I get too easily caught up in myself sometimes and forget that my role here is to serve people...and that, I feel I've neglected.

I need to focus less on myself and even less on "finding myself" as this generation is so fixed on pursuing. I've read lately some things that reminded me that we're not here to "find ourselves" but to find Jesus more and more. So why is it that this "twixters" or "twentysomethings" generation is so set on pursuing our own identity?

Anyway, these are just random thoughts that are running through my mind and happen to be falling out of my fingertips. I'll spend some time actually processing them later.

On a completely different and random note, I'm writing in pink in honor of my new pink Motorola SLVR pink phone I'm getting on Thursday or Friday. It will have iTunes on it. Since I don't have an iPod, I'll take a sweet phone that can hold songs for now. ;-)

and on that note, i'm outtie.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

from the state of cheese

It's kind of loud in the hallway currently in my hotel room in Appleton, WI. Kinda sounds like the guys in the hallway are trying to get into our room. (You know, that's probably the case...Lindsey and I are always fighting them off...j/k!) Hope they're quiet the rest of the night so we can sleep!

In honor of the state of cheese, I have to state that my favorite type of cheese is feta. I love it. Especially on a Greek salad from Panera. It's odd, you sis introduced me to these wonderful salads at an Atlanta Bread Company in Westerville, OH years ago, and today I ate the same thing at another Atlanta Bread Company in Rockford, and it was nothing in comparison to Panera's. I was sad, but I'm glad to know that the best is always waiting at Panera not far from home. At least the A.B.C. had Mango Iced Tea...another fave. But we're on the topic of cheese, not iced tea.

And on the topic of cheese, I'm sure there will be a lot of that (not in the food sense) at Lifest this week. That's the Christian Music Festival we're at in Oshkosh for the next few days. There are some good bands, but mostly I don't listen to Christian music, so some of it is not my fave. For example, I believe 4Him is there tomorrow...they're still around? I didn't even know that! I hope they sing that Rollercoaster Ride song...

Another example of non-food-cheese at the festival this week pertains to some of the other exhibitors. Lots of Christian t-shirts, dog tags, bumper stickers, and what have you. Funny story...we passed a creepy van today on our way, while still in IL, that was COVERED on the back w/ tons of Christian bumper stickers that would probably seem quite offensive to a non-Christian. When we walked around this evening, I saw a table full of bumper stickers, looked behind, and it's the same guy. I laughed.

However, an example of actual food cheese that is here would be the fried cheese curds. Gotta love fair food. Did you really have to involve the word 'curds' in the title? That just makes me gag thinking about it. I'll stick w/ the corn dogs and funnel cakes, thank you.

And though there are many crazies making Christian t-shirts out there, you should really check out JesusBranded clothing. It's pretty sweet. They're based out of Seattle, as all cool things are, and they give a lot of their proceeds to actually feed the poor and clothe the naked. It even says it on the inside of the shirt. I got a cute one. :-)

That's all. Fun times in the land of cheese heads.

-Cheesy McCheeserson

Saturday, July 01, 2006

sweet home chicago

So i'm getting ready to hit the city tonight...trying to pack up my things and get myself ready, and I'm jamming to some old school Whitney Houston. She had some good hits...too bad she has gone off the deep end these days!

In honor of Rachel & Heidi's birthdays, we're heading to Chi-town tonight to go to the Taste, stay @ the Hilton (thanks to priceline and its great deals), and go out on the town, and back to the Taste tomorrow. For two days, why on earth am I taking enough clothes for a week? I don't know. I have a problem with packing.

And i'm not unpacking from the NACC, because I'll now be in Chicago for two days, return for two, and then head to a music festival in Wisconsin for work.

I love traveling!