Monday, July 17, 2006

dang internet...

so I just wrote an entire blog and b/c the Marriott's internet is ridiculous expensive here in

so somehow I'm connected to the Comfort Inn's wireless...(???i don't understand this stuff...) and then it disconnected me and lost my blog. oh well. it was clearly unimportant.

We're here for the National Small College Enrollment Conference and so far, it's been great! To most I'm sure it sounds like watching paint dry, but it really makes me more excited about my job and it's fun to learn from hearing about how other schools work. It's a much different world here during this conference than from the North American Christian Convention in Louisville just a few weeks ago, but just as the NACC world is a subculture, so is the College Admissions/Retention/Enrollment world.

I am happy to be in the South and to have all the SWEET TEA I want. Seriously, the rest of the country needs to jump on that train. (OK since i just said "jump on that train" it reminded me of the new Rascal Flatts song "Me and My Gang" that is too cheesy for their own good...just a side thought. I digress...) And Lindsey is happy w/ her Derby Pie at Bistro 301 down the street.

And I really like my new phone. Say hello to her:

and i like my Kirk Franklin ringtone... ;-)

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Mandybear said...

I think I am going to get this phone. Let me know how it works for you! Also, you better believe that Louisville and the South in general has the BEST sweet tea in the world!