Wednesday, July 05, 2006

from the state of cheese

It's kind of loud in the hallway currently in my hotel room in Appleton, WI. Kinda sounds like the guys in the hallway are trying to get into our room. (You know, that's probably the case...Lindsey and I are always fighting them off...j/k!) Hope they're quiet the rest of the night so we can sleep!

In honor of the state of cheese, I have to state that my favorite type of cheese is feta. I love it. Especially on a Greek salad from Panera. It's odd, you sis introduced me to these wonderful salads at an Atlanta Bread Company in Westerville, OH years ago, and today I ate the same thing at another Atlanta Bread Company in Rockford, and it was nothing in comparison to Panera's. I was sad, but I'm glad to know that the best is always waiting at Panera not far from home. At least the A.B.C. had Mango Iced Tea...another fave. But we're on the topic of cheese, not iced tea.

And on the topic of cheese, I'm sure there will be a lot of that (not in the food sense) at Lifest this week. That's the Christian Music Festival we're at in Oshkosh for the next few days. There are some good bands, but mostly I don't listen to Christian music, so some of it is not my fave. For example, I believe 4Him is there tomorrow...they're still around? I didn't even know that! I hope they sing that Rollercoaster Ride song...

Another example of non-food-cheese at the festival this week pertains to some of the other exhibitors. Lots of Christian t-shirts, dog tags, bumper stickers, and what have you. Funny story...we passed a creepy van today on our way, while still in IL, that was COVERED on the back w/ tons of Christian bumper stickers that would probably seem quite offensive to a non-Christian. When we walked around this evening, I saw a table full of bumper stickers, looked behind, and it's the same guy. I laughed.

However, an example of actual food cheese that is here would be the fried cheese curds. Gotta love fair food. Did you really have to involve the word 'curds' in the title? That just makes me gag thinking about it. I'll stick w/ the corn dogs and funnel cakes, thank you.

And though there are many crazies making Christian t-shirts out there, you should really check out JesusBranded clothing. It's pretty sweet. They're based out of Seattle, as all cool things are, and they give a lot of their proceeds to actually feed the poor and clothe the naked. It even says it on the inside of the shirt. I got a cute one. :-)

That's all. Fun times in the land of cheese heads.

-Cheesy McCheeserson

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