Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i'm back in black...except not.

Back from Wisconsin, yo. It's so much more friggin' humid here. Why? I suppose it could be worse...like as humid as it is in Savannah, GA. now THAT is humidity.

I feel like I have a million things to catch up on, but I never can seem to get any of them done. Why is that? I can't seem to focus myself for some reason. I need some good windowsill time to just sit and read and think and write tonight. I think that's how I'll spend my evening.

I have lots of things that I've wanted to sit and think and pray and write about lately. Community is one of them. Church along with that, which is pretty much the same thing. I feel like I'm trying to find my place in a church right now, and especially after talking to Becka the other night for awhile about how hard it is to have to "pick" a church after college, I'm feeling weighed down about it. Though I've sort of chosen one already and have been going there, it's like I'm having second thoughts. I don't really know where I belong anymore among churches.

I really want and need to be serving in some way. I get too easily caught up in myself sometimes and forget that my role here is to serve people...and that, I feel I've neglected.

I need to focus less on myself and even less on "finding myself" as this generation is so fixed on pursuing. I've read lately some things that reminded me that we're not here to "find ourselves" but to find Jesus more and more. So why is it that this "twixters" or "twentysomethings" generation is so set on pursuing our own identity?

Anyway, these are just random thoughts that are running through my mind and happen to be falling out of my fingertips. I'll spend some time actually processing them later.

On a completely different and random note, I'm writing in pink in honor of my new pink Motorola SLVR pink phone I'm getting on Thursday or Friday. It will have iTunes on it. Since I don't have an iPod, I'll take a sweet phone that can hold songs for now. ;-)

and on that note, i'm outtie.

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