Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the eleventy bajillionth blog of the day...well, only the 2nd you'll see

I am one of five things:
a) a fraidy-cat
b) extremely paranoid
c) overly imaginative
d) MacGyver
d) all of the above

While sitting in my windowsill and reading (with my windows open, of course, b/c I prefer fresh air over air conditioning, so in the midst of summer heat I allow both simultaneously.), I heard a car alarm that seemed to sound like it was coming from where mine is parked behind the apartments. Without much concern, I carry on, assuming and hoping it is not. About 3 minutes later, and approximately every 4-5 minutes from there on out, the car alarm repeated itself. I started to grow in my concern.

I also saw a teenage boy across the street carrying something (i have no idea what) and yelling across to his friend. Then he ran back across the street, seemingly to where my car and my neighbors' cars are parked. The car alarms continued only about every 5 minutes, but no further voices except every once in awhile and very distant-sounding.

I watched cars drive by on the street to see if there was any reaction, and one van did slow down with some concern, but ne'er again returned. I also keep thinking I'm hearing something like the sound of some kind of metal pipe or something, which could just be the remnants of tonight's rain dripping onto a pipe somewhere nearby. Or, from my crazy mind, I have decided it is someone taking the rims off of one of the cars.

Finally, after another car alarm I decided I'd go and check on the situation. Slowly I unlocked my door, opened it, stood there, heard nothing but silence inside the hallway, and got scared. I closed the door again and returned to my windowsill.

I still think they're out there. Maybe I'm just plain crazy. Right now I'd like to think I'm MacGyver instead, and that in the morning, the police will be wanting to know my infamous details as a witness for their records of someone's lost rims or broken-into car...possibly even my own.

I think I need to get a life. But we'll just see in the morning...for now I'm too scared to go see for myself.

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