Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm such a dork...sometimes I like to coordinate my font color w/ the colors I'm wearing or thinking about. I'm wearing some new red pants today so I figured I'd write in this lovely shade of red. Reminds me of the pretty leaves on trees that I get to see so often while driving to all these college fairs lately! I do love driving by myself, I must admit. I have such a great time just blasting my favorite CD's and singing harmonies as loud as I want. I honestly think I have trained myself to sing better & better when I'm driving in the car! It's one of my favorite things to do! I'm realizing lately that singing is seriously one of the things that makes me most happy. I'm so jealous of people who play, sing, & write music, love it, and get paid to do it.

Here's what I listened to yesterday in the car:
*Shawn McDonald "Simply Nothing"
*The Swift
*Bethany Dillon (self-titled)
*old school Plumb CD, "Candycoatedwaterdrops"
*Hillsongs United Live "Best Friend" CD
*Matt Wertz, "23 Places"

I'm pretty sure I'm leaving work early has been so busy lately that I'm just exhausted. Dr. Searby even came in to tell me that I can leave @ 3 if I want to... that was nice of him! (Even though I have lots of extra hours that I could probably have done so w/out permission, it was nice of him to say that as my boss!) I can't wait to go home and put on some comfy clothes! I never thought I'd dream of wearing sweatpants & a hoody, but I sure do on rainy days like today!

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