Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm in a horrible mood right now. I've decided, 'what better thing to do than to blog?' (apparently when you're quoting your own thought you have to use these: ' and ') I'm ticked that after an entire day of work all I want to do is lay around my apartment and do nothing at all but watch a movie or read or drink peppermint tea and chill...but instead I find myself back in my walk-in-closet-sized-cubicle at work b/c it's the only place I can escape to while I wait to hang out w/ my friend Chels.

I also hate not being able to vent my feelings w/o the fear of hurting the feelings of others. That's so annoying. I hate being a people-pleaser. Being a "golden retriever" sucks. Sometimes I just wish I could be a tiger or something fierce. Sure, everyone loves a golden retriever, blah blah blah. Whatever. I just want to be a tiger today. So I'm being one in my blog and not in real life.

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