Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My new obsession: looking at wedding photojournalists' websites.

Maybe it's a part of my obsession with weddings and my being "in love with love." I think I really just love photography and it's something I'm discovering a passion for.

Photojournalism is so beautiful. In fact, pictures are beautiful. Not always the posed ones, but REAL, TRUE pictures that capture REAL moments. Even looking at other people's pictures helps me to catch a glimpse of what they're like. They capture life. Posed pictures allow us to freeze for just a moment to stop, breathe, and remember being with friends and family. But I love a good picture that doesn't have to be posed, because it catches us in action--the reality of daily life.

I love to go about my day taking snapshots in my mind...some posed, but most of random observations around me...I can't wait to get my new digi-cam for Christmas. I'm starting a new hobby.

Take a look at these websites I found. Note: they're mostly all wedding photos, but I just think there is so much beauty there. Let yourself get caught up in their moments.

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