Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It's Tuesday...

Well, what did you expect for a Tuesday morning blog? Of course I'm going to recap last night's Bachelorette!

Week 3 comments:

-Jen's crazy date w/ Fabrice~ he's out of his mind. Didn't expect her to keep him, but I suppose if she used him for info. about 7 guys she can't just throw him out right after. What I don't understand is why he threw a fit about getting the last rose out of the 6...AT LEAST YOU GOT ONE BUDDY!!! You're freaking LUCKY to have received one at all! But don't worry, Jen knows she won't be keeping you next week, that's for sure!

-Jen's date w/ John Paul~ I really wish his smile wasn't so weird looking, because he'd be great if it wasn't. But it just weirds me out...don't know if I could be attracted to him! Maybe that's vain, but I don't know...

-What happened to Jen & Ben having one-on-one time at Central Park? Everyone else got it! I'm jealous for Ben! (even though he sometimes reminds me of a cute little old man...I still love him.)

-ABC is darn good at what they do. As Kate put it last night, "They wrote the book on cliffhangers!" I agree. They're excellent at sucking you in (or maybe not you, just me?) and making you wait in anticipation for next week's episode.

That's all for this week...stay tuned for next week's Bachelorette Recap. And possibly another blog today. (not about the show though)

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