Friday, February 11, 2005

crazy weekend & other thoughts

This weekend is going to be nuts. I'll also have you know that this color matches my shirt today. As always. I love to match my fonts to my clothing or mood. Anywho, here's the agenda:

3:45 pm - leave work, go home, prepare for bachelorette party
7:30 pm - Bachelorette party at my apt. for Lindsey Jones, girls staying at my apt. tonight

9:30 am tomorrow - poms practice for alumni poms dance on tuesday that i don't know
10:30 am - Lindsey's other Bridal Shower
12:00 - go home, pack stuff to go to Bloomington
2-4 pm - service project for Fuel
4:00 on... - babysit my funny niece Maddy.

Now that you all know my weekend plans, I'm sure you're relieved. You can wipe the sweat from your brow and sigh b/c you know now where I'll be at every moment.

Moving on to my random thoughts...

-Since when did those half shirts that you wear over another shirt and tie in front come back into style? i will NOT give into that fashion statement.

-opened a bottle of Riesling this week and found out I really like it. of course i'm not a wine connoisseur, but i do like this stuff.

-I'm hungry. and skipping lunch so i can leave early today. i think i'll get a "smoothie" from the warehouse. wish they were made w/ real fruit. as kate and josh would say, i am quite a "smoothie snob." I admit it. I am.

-I'm a big fan of the gift I'm giving Lindsey tonight. I had fun w/ it. I hope when I get married someone gets me something similar!

-why in the world am I blogging? i have ten million things to do! yes, 10 MILLION. Maybe BAJILLION! not really. but i'm out of thoughts to share w/ the public. peace.

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