Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday morning

...some -ing's for your day:

-Singing in my head: Randy Travis's "Forever and Ever Amen" song...which I HATE and have no idea how it came into my head.

-Wondering: what I'll do tonight

-Hoping: to see Hotel Rwanda soon

-Smiling: because I just got a package in the mail. It was some street team postcards from Relevant Magazine to hand out to people...

-Wanting: our new LCC publications (coming very soon) to look even cooler than these Relevant cards.

-Searching for: a song I liked on a Banana Republic commercial the other night

-Exciting: I get to see L.A. and Randall (friends from JBC) this weekend!!!

-Finding: that I need a new method to waking up in the morning...something other than snoozing my alarm clock 6 times.

-Needing: a Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider...maybe I'll just go get's so dangerous working next to the coffee shop

-Rejoicing: I just found the Banana Republic song!!! It's called "Are You Beautiful?" by Chris Pierce. And I think I like him a lot...

-Wishing: I had all the good indie CD's in the world.

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