Friday, February 18, 2005

things i feel like sharing

*the deeper thoughts*
~I need to make a lot more lists and begin organizing my life. Beginning with my things to do at work, then house church, then other details such as taxes, bill-paying, etc. I think that lists help me feel more in control rather than feeling like it's all swirling about and I have no grasp on it. And of course, I need to keep in touch w/ people better, but I'd hope to never reduce people to belonging to a list. But sometimes I do.

~I'm figuring out something new about myself every single day, I swear. Learning about my own insecurities and working & praying through those is such a process, but it's worth the growing pains.

~I'm getting really excited about my job lately. It's turning from a "like-my-job" situation to a "love-my-job" one. We're just reorganizing, it feels like, and we're rearranging gift mixes w/ job responsibilities that makes me more excited to do what I do. (Good thing, b/c it's def. not the $$ that keeps me here...wait, make that just ONE $ sign.) Plus, there is a really good possibility for a HUGE HUGE HUGE increase in scholarship money we can offer to recruit with over the next 5 years. THAT is also exciting.

~The idea and possibility of love just fascinates me. I don't even know if I'm at the crossroads with it or not, but I feel closer to it. I will share no further details, but I just feel like the clouds are slightly breaking on something I've prayed about for years...we'll see, I guess, i'm probably still just daydreaming!

~the future is still so uncertain to me, and that's scary but exciting. I've had people ask me to move to California, New York, Indy, Chicago, and who knows where else, and I have no idea where I'll go someday. Right now I'm right here. That's all I know.

*the not-so-deep things to share*:
*Jami Smith is leading worship tonight at Eastview...should be pretty cool.
*my mom and dad are so good to me and i'm thankful for their generosity
*i'm also thankful for cory, david, & maddy's generosity to me...can't wait to go get my massage at the spa that madelyn belle went out and got me a gift certificate for...
*i love my empty extra bedroom in my apartment...wish it had mirrors on the walls and it would be my dance room...for now, i love the acoustics and i like to sing in there. hope it doesn't bother my neighbors! haha.
*i REALLY wish i could download stuff on this computer so i could post pictures. that is SO annoying. i guess i can just upload them on and ya'll can just look there.
*36 minutes left till my weekend begins...what will i do with it?

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