Tuesday, March 15, 2005

EMHE: How'd They Do That?

So my sister has already once written about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the best show ever, but I'm proceeding to write about it again.

These people know what they're doing. Aside from actually having a relationship with Christ, it seems they have Christianity down. They've got it down what it means to love people. They show how beautifully the Church could work together. They provide for the needs of people, and they go beyond those needs and fulfill their dreams and desires without reservation. I think it's astonishing.

Here's a quick synopsis of last night: The Okvath family--Mom, Dad, Kassandra (their 8 yr. old who has survived cancer twice), another daughter, and 4 little boys. They didn't even want their own home fixed up, other than some paint touchups. Kassandra selflessly wanted to repaint the walls in the children's wing of the hospital so their lives could be filled with joy. They brought in a Disney volunteer team and, by her leadership and design, painted Disney themes and an overall "It's a Small World" theme with each room displaying a different country or story. This alone made me cry.

Meanwhile, the EMHE team COMPLETELY destroyed the Okvath's house only to rebuild them a gorgeous 6000 sq. ft. home (i think). This home included an actual movie theater room and a kid-friendly backyard equipped with a carousel, several play houses, a healing garden, and a ton more. The team added these so the family could, as much as possible, keep Kassandra out of public places such as movie theaters or amusement parks where sickness among kids is almost unavoidable.

And this is even more amazing to me: the day after the walls were repainted in the children's hospital, all the white blood cell counts of the children went up!!!

I think this show is one of the greatest things ever done. It's not just another Habitat for Humanity, building an impersonal low-budget home. They just do incredible things. I can't get over it.

I'm learning to love people by what I see on this show. Sometimes I learn more about love from this show than I do from the Church. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know, but it always makes me pray for God to cultivate that kind of love in my heart for people. It's not necessarily about the giving of material possessions as it is just having genuine love and compassion for His people...which means EVERYBODY.

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Allison said...

I agree, it really is the best show ever. Rarely do I make it through an episode without crying my eyes out. Every since that show came on, I no longer desire to watch Trading Spaces which used to be a favorite. Now I just get annoyed. It is just amazing to see the whole community work as a whole with the same mindset and goal. The entire team just loves on these people they don't even know. At times, I do think they might be a bit too "extream" and could of helped more people. I always wonder about the upkeep of the home and how some of the families can afford to keep up with expenses like a pool, much higher power bills, and possible higher property taxes.