Thursday, March 03, 2005


As I sat in the waiting area at Jim Xamis Ford yesterday while my car was getting a check-up I found the issue of Time Magazine from Jan. 25, 2005. The cover story was titled "Grow Up? Not So Fast..." I had heard about this article that has entitled our 18-29 year old age range the "twixters." I proceeded to read it and found myself feeling better about my uncertainties and indecision in life, because it has somehow become the norm for us twixters.

If you can find this article and you're between these ages, read it. Find a library or some intellectual who subscribes to Time and read it.

I'd love to chat about it, so if you've read it, let's talk.

P.S. As you all know, I love to color coordinate my fonts with something of the day (i.e. a new purse, an article of clothing, my mood, etc.). Just thought I'd inform you that I'm wearing my highlighter yellow shirt. Get out your sunglasses.


Lindy said...

I can't believe you ripped up my valuable credit card application!!! I'm just kidding. Really can't believe that I got mail there. It's been two years since I lived in that place. Weeeiiiiird. :)

Lowery said...

It is a great read. There's a lot underneath that whole article. The indecision of our generation is everywhere. Most label it as bad...but I think it has a deep "good" at its core. We are more unsettled and more unsure than ever of things and thoughts that have gone before us. We are not willing to have the thoughts and dreams of our fathers because they aren't quite deep enough, if that makes sense. We are definately in searching mode, but searching is better than settled in some cases, you know? Anyway, a very good article and one that shows just how interesting the days ahead could get.

Mandy said...

Brian, you're so right. I think there is a lot of good in it, but initially I always feel that uncertainty is so negative. I just feel better now knowing it's not just me being so unsure about things. There are so many implications for it.

Nathan said...

I agree with brian. (well, ok, I ddn't read the article, but if I did I'm sure I'd agree with brian).

Just thought I'd say hi.