Friday, April 01, 2005

i have no clever title for this post...


In spirit of them, I'm sporting an orange shirt today as well as this orange font.

I think I would win an award for color coordination if ever there was one.

No plans for tonight, but it's kind of nice considering I haven't felt like I even live at my apartment lately. But if something comes up, I'm game.

House-sitting/dog-sitting for Cory & David tmw night, so ILLINI party @ their house. Not really. Just people over to watch the game...I'm not up for entertaining and party-planning. Just hanging out.

This was a good week. How was yours?


Adam said...

I predicted it 15 points I can't believe it!!! I entered this contest and I won the money!!!! NOT.. I wish I did that though

Kunjali said...

GO ILLINI! things are crazy/fun/awesome down here this weekend. i love school spirit.