Tuesday, June 28, 2005


hey ya'll! i'm reporting from CIY in the big CO. It's Tuesday but it feels like the week is already going to fly by! CIY always does that though.

Things are great so far! I'm w/ some cool people from Hope Int'l Univ., Dallas Christian College, Manhattan Christian College, and St. Louis Christian College, and also of course the CIY staff & interns. It's fun, but it's definitely not the same as the summer of the BCG's in '03. I miss that, but I have accepted that it'll never be the same to do CIY w/o them now.

I can't write much b/c I really need to go get started on the seating charts. I'm doing those this week, kind of w/ a girl from St. Louis and the Manhattan girls might help too. Anyway since I'm not teaching right now while they all are, I should get a head start. Hope all is well where you are, my friends! Talk to you soon!

And Happy Birthday to Traubs today and to Rach tomorrow!

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Adam said...

How is the purpose driven prayer life going.