Wednesday, June 22, 2005

my new favorites (for the moment)

Movie: Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights -- why had I not seen this until last weekend? i LOVE dancing and i LOVE the Latin, salsa merengue flavor of dancing.

Article of Clothing: my new black halter dress from Goody's that I'll wear to the next two weddings I have. AND the black skirt I'm wearing today that I got at Meijer for $2.12 on clearance, including the black and white polka dotted tie belt that is its partner. i'm the biggest bargain shopper ever. and the best.

Book: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. ( i know, i know. but i can't pull myself away from it! it's great mindless reading to get lost in.)

TV Channel: The Food Network.
TV Shows: 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day, and Celebrity Charades

things about my job: the fact that 4 of us just took a field trip to the Dairy Bar to get ice cream, or the fact that I get to leave in 4 days for Colorado for a week, then go to Georgia for a week, and that after tomorrow I only work two days from now until July 18th (not counting "working" at CIY).

junk e-mail to laugh at: some junk mail about a sale at Frederick's that just appeared in my inbox. hilarious. i'm there.

foods: pita bread, the crunch-coated twist ice cream cone i just finished, homemade tortillas (all separately, of course, not combined)

creative decoration ideas: (from the TV show 100 ideas under $100) a picture frame lamp, making my own canvas with an old picture frame and a piece of material that i can just paint or dye

picture: the black and white snapshot i took of our 4 pairs of feet under the table outside @ Starbucks on Monday night.

childhood memory struck by a sound: the tinging sound of a baseball hitting the bat...i heard it yesterday when i was on a walk and it made me turn around and look. it reminded me of going to watch games @ Bodznick field or Southside or going to see my dad play softball games @ Owens field or at the big church tournament in Cincinnati every Labor Day weekend. those were the days!

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