Wednesday, July 06, 2005

some things about me for today

-I haven't been to a concert in awhile and I need to go. Well, I suppose I just saw Dierks Bentley recently, but I need another concert. I guess next up will either be Rascal Flatts or Brad Paisley at the State Fair--neither of which I have tickets for yet...

-I leave tomorrow for road trip of the year...picking up Becka from the Bloomington airport tonight @ 5:15, leaving tomorrow morning @ 7:30 or so to head to Cincinnati to pick up Abbra, then to Knoxville for L.A.'s wedding, then to Savannah, GA for a night to hang out, a week @ CIY, then on the way back we'll stop in Nashville to chill for a night. It's the halfway point.

-5 seconds ago I was really annoyed w/ a coworker.

-in 3 months I might not have to deal with that. someday i'll talk about why. just not yet.

-I woke up way late this morning and came in to work like 15 min. late. Oops.

-I can't wait for our 12:00 cookout for Dr. Searby today. I'm hungry. But it's bittersweet...pretty much my last day to work w/ him. :-(

-I need to go count t-shirts to take w/ me to sell @ CIY.


joolz said...

As always, I'm jealous of a good road trip, but jealous in a good way.

I totally feel you on the needing live music tip. I've been without my laptop and consequently all my music for so long. I was jonesing for it until I watched a million hours of the Live 8 concert, but that was only a bandaid.

Next year, come to BC for this festival. I think it's right up your alley:

fresh said...

hey mandy,
just wanted to say hi from africa. hope all is well. look forward to seeing everyone. lets do lunch when i get home. hope your summer is good.