Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Matt Wertz: I can't get #1 (Like the Last Time) out of my head from this new release of his. It's only $7.00 b/c it only has 5 songs on it...just different versions mostly of ones he's done before. Also, had a bad dream about the upcoming concert @ LCC not turning out so well, but I know it isn't a prophecy, b/c I have a feeling our concert will be packed.

being domestic: that's what I've been lately! I've been cooking up a storm! I have my freshman orientation group coming over tonight for dinner, so I made Lasagna, we're making cheese/garlic biscuits, salad, and homemade strawberry shortcakes. Yum. good meal or what?

Marc Broussard: I want his older CD. If you don't have either of his, you need to get them. Check it out here.

ReAct Now Music & Relief Concert: looking forward to hopefully watching or taping this on Sat. night from 7-10 p.m. (Central time)

couples things: I'm tired of this. And by this, I mean, I'm kind of worn out w/ people hooking up and then all of a sudden it's like they're a part of this special club that does things in pairs. maybe i'll understand someday when i'm dating someone or when i'm married or something, but for right now, it gets kind of old. i love when my dating and/or married friends hang out w/ those of us who are still unattached without expecting someone else to come alongside. OK, that's enough of that soapbox. I promise I'm not some negative discontent single girl, but I'm sure that's what it sounds like on here.

the weather: is it beautiful outside or what? I wish I could move my cubicle outside. It's gorgeous! It makes me soooo happy!

So You Think You Can Dance: it's on. tonight. Snow--you better be leaving soon! I guess the only positive if you stay is that I'll still have something to laugh at regularly on Wed. nights! I might have to tape it w/ my group coming over tonight for din-din.

the OC: omg, i just remembered it starts tomorrow night!!!! ahhhhh!!! my TV time is increasing...

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joolz said...

I have never understood how some people just magically become a couple and can no longer participate in events all on their own. It never fails to amaze me when my most independent friends suddenly have a magical attachment to someone and I can't for the life of me get them alone.

If I ever become that person, I hope someone tells me.