Monday, October 31, 2005

no tricks, just treats.

OK so I've posted a lot in orange lately, but I've got to today!

While all of this reminiscing is happening about Halloween days of old, I too have many fond memories of costumes and tricks and treats.

First and foremost, the all-time best costume ever was my shiny silver Hershey's Kiss costume that my Grandma Shirlye and my mom made together. I think I wore this in second grade. And then again in third grade. I loved it that much. This was not your typical store-bought Hershey's Kiss costume. No, no, my friends, it was much better than that. It was made of shiny silver material and gave my little 7 year old body quite the Hershey's Kiss shape. And to top it all off, I had the matching headpiece, like a mini-kiss with the paper tassel to boot. I still cry tears of sadness for the fact that my mom sold it to some lady in Streator for her granddaughter to wear. I was deeply saddened, despite the fact that I couldn't fit into it any longer, but I couldn't keep it for my child to wear someday. I guess I'll have to break out the old pattern and sewing machine someday. (as if I'd know how to use it!)

Second, there was always this lady who lived on Elm Street, near our old house on Shabbona in Streator, who never failed to decorate her house and yard beyond even the craziest imagination. There was a wire fence all around the yard, and you had to enter through the main gate. Following your entrance many real people dressed in costume would play their role of Freddy, a witch, a person being hanged, etc. Once there was even a man on the roof pushing dirt off the side and a Freddy scratching his long nails against the siding. I was tormented by this yard, but it was my goal to make it to the front door where Kay, the mastermind of all of this, would nicely give me a small white bag of candy. Was it really worth it? I think I made it to the door maybe twice. Maybe. I know we had a few drive-by's where I thought I'd get out of the car, but one of the yard actors ended up chasing us down the sidewalk so we drove off.

Thirdly, of course there were a million good treats. There were always those ladies who made the popcorn balls every year. You knew exactly which house to go to for a popcorn ball, and sometimes which house to go to for the good candy. Does anyone make popcorn balls for anything other than Halloween? Just wondering.

And on that note, I must say that my niece, dressed as Blue from Blue's Clues, was quite cute last night. I wish I had a picture of her to post, but I forgot to take one!

And I'm off to visit high schools for the rest of the week...have a lovely first week of November!


Mandybear said...

so this post totally cracked me up!

I was wondering if you liked your kiss costume more than when we dressed up like an old man and an old woman for the yard sale. Why did we do that, it wasnt Halloween? Then we had to go show like the whole town of Streator. good times!

Kunjali said...

i think i went with you to the scary people's house one time. you were a giant playing card, or something. and you had a barrette made of playing cards. but then it rained, i think. i don't remember what i was.....something unimaginative for sure. halloween.....who knows? my parents said that the neighbor counted 384 kids yesterday but we ran out of candy and had to turn off the light at 7:15. ok, that was the longest comment ever!

Mandy said...

tee-hee-hee-hee-hee!!!! ahh, more memories! yes, the old man and old woman outfits were quite a blast. believe it or not, i still have a picture of us dressed up like that on my bedroom wall at home!!! It's soooo old!!!

And the old playing card outfit. I meant to write about that one too! That Ace of Spades costume was my sister's first, and then I think I wore it whenever we went...who knows what grade that was in. i can't believe you remember the barrette! OR that your parents' neighbors had 384 kids! holy crap!

Lucas said...

For a minute when Amanda commented "your kiss costume" I pictured you in a KISS (the band) costume. You were awesome.

And I hate to be the one to tell you Mandy, but your post is yellow.

Mandy said...

you're right Lucas, it looks yellow. oh well.

man, that Kiss costume might be a good idea for next year. I'm totally going to come up w/ a way to create a long tongue extension of some sort. hahahahaha. that's so funny to picture.