Monday, March 20, 2006

i will have you know 2, THREE

#1. I am NOT happy that there is a Blizzard Warning in effect for tonight and tomorrow for Logan County. Supposedly we are expected to get like 8 inches of snow. Need I make note that TODAY was supposed to be the first day of spring? Need I make note that I would still LOVE to move to Texas? I hate cold. hate it.

#2. As of 30 seconds ago, Tom Tanner has emailed all students, faculty, and staff to notify us that the administration has CANCELLED CLASSES and we are all advised to stay home tomorrow instead of coming to class or work. In all of Lynn Laughlin's tenure here, he has only seen this happen 2 times. I just asked him this: "how many times has this happened the day after the first day of spring?" Do I even need an answer? zero. Ridiculous. But I'll take a snow day from work anytime.

#3. I must tell you this: In our office bracket pool, I am currently tied for 3rd...actually 2nd. GT and Nancy are tied for first w/ 43 points, and I am in 2nd place w/ 42 points. Am I good or what? That's all.

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