Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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Here are some photos from Katrina damage in St. Bernard Parish, LA. Some of these photos I borrowed from the facebook pages of some of the students in our group b/c my pictures sucked. Nevertheless, take a look at some of what we saw last week...

(above) This house was moved off its foundation and almost into the street by the water.

(below) A typical street median filled with trash, various items, cars, boats, etc. strewn about.

(above) a Mustang pushed onto the house from the water...a common occurrence.

(below) another house moved by the water down the street.

(above) More cars on top of each other from the water.
(below) The Wal-Mart parking lot in which we worked all week in the yellow and white tent. Also, note where the 'W' is on the Wal-Mart building...that's how high the water was during the flood.

(above) The X that is seen on every residential building noting different things...the top is the date it was searched, on the left I believe is the initials of who searched it, and the bottom # is the number of people or animals found dead. I'm not sure what's supposed to be on the right.

(below) This is the lower 9th ward, which was section 8 housing, located right next to the levee that broke (you can somewhat see it). The water powerfully pushed right through this area and demolished practically the entire neighborhood. The whole area is supposed to be torn down I think.

Stay tuned for more pictures...I'll post a few more tomorrow.

For now, ponder these.

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