Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's just the beginning...

If I haven't talked enough about it before, you need to know about Invisible Children.

On April 29 this year, thousands of us gathered worldwide to give up a night of good, solid, comfortable sleepfor a few reasons:

1) to try to understand what the Invisible Children in Northern Uganda experience every night. This event, the Global Night Commute, was hardly comparable to the nightly commute that children in Uganda make daily to avoid being taken by the Lord's Resistance Army to be forced to fight for a corrupt leader.


2) to draw the world's attention to something bigger than people gathered in a park or on a sidewalk or in the center of a city--a war. This is a war taking place against the LRA in Uganda that is basically a giant act of terrorism within their own country and largely affecting their own children.


3) to write letters to political leaders concerning this war in hopes that America can help the people of Northern Uganda experience freedom like we do. It's unfortunate that we so often forget the freedoms we the fact that we don't have to hide our 4 year old children at night in fear that they might be taken, be handed a knife or a gun, and be forced to kill.

I don't write about this to make you feel guilty, but I'm writing to remind people--including myself--that there's a great need that cannot be ignored. Honestly, I feel awful b/c since April 29th, I haven't thought much about Invisible Children. I played my part. I went. I didn't even stay overnight because I had a long day the day before. I showed up. I wrote letters, created art, and left at 2 a.m. I don't deserve recognition for having gone, that's for sure.

Nevertheless, my heart beats for this organization and more importantly, for the people in Northern Uganda. They are our brothers and sisters, our neighbors...not unlike the people we talk to every day aside from some cultural and physical differences.

Today they just released this new video that re-ignited my passion for what they do. I hope you watch it and I hope you and I will both remember to pray for the Invisible Children in Northern Uganda. Check out the rest of Invisible Children's website and if you can get involved in any way, please do. Not for your own good, but for the Greater Good.

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jackaway said...

its funny, even though i did invisible children a few months ago, it fleets so quicky from my brain. i get wrapped up in my own life and forget about the real world. thanks for putting me back into reality.