Tuesday, August 08, 2006

because it's been awhile...

It's time for a random post.

Randomette #1: I'm rediscovering my love for some old school Jennifer Knapp. And I have a hard time accepting all the lesbian rumors about her...is that really true? I just can't get past it.

#2: Blogger is ticking me off for not letting me post pictures lately. What is the deal?

#3: I'm just wondering when the day will come that every person on earth has joined myspace.

#4: I have the best recipe for pork chops ever. It was ever-so-creatively titled in an old cookbook, "Pork Chops in Sauce." However, uncreatively named as it is, it's delish. If you want it, let me know. And I must say, I made a good apple pie last night.

#5: I can't believe my old roomie is starting to get a little preggers belly!!! oh my goodness, you're adorable missy!

#6: I have about a million piles of clean clothes in my room that I just don't feel like putting away. I'm not going to. Ever.... ok, i'm lying. I will.

#7: currently reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and loving it. Why hadn't I read this until now?

#8: it's totally raining outside and i just now realized it.

#9: i ordered the Hope in the Dark book of Jeremy Cowart's photos from Africa...saw it in Borders and it looks amazing. Check it out.

#10: So You Think You Can Dance is almost over. I can't even believe it! I'm to the point where it doesn't matter who wins now, b/c they're all good. And Allison is gone and she was my fave. Plus, we all know it's going to be Benji in the end anyway.

Enough random thoughts for now.
Maybe in the meantime blogger will work on letting me post pics finally.


junkyardlove said...

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my fave books. I read it a couple months ago. Francie is a great character.

LacyRip said...

Not only am I a myspace stalker, but apparently I'm a blogger stalker now, too. Dude I love me some Jennifer Knapp. If she is a lezzer (I hadn't heard that rumor), does that really necessitate that the music she was making when she was walking with the Lord any less meaningful or uplifting for us who listen to it today? Just a thought. Have a good weekend!

Mandy said...

Jamie--i just LOVE Francie's character. she's so intricate and beautiful as a young girl. and i'm not even halfway through yet!

Lacy--seriously, J-knapp is great! And I totally think that even if she is a "lezzer"--whether she was or wasn't when she made the music--it doesn't change how God can use her music. It's kinda like how God used people like Pharaoh or how He uses people who don't even believe in Him in crazy ways.