Wednesday, August 23, 2006


-I'm being blinded by the sun shining through my pseudo-window in my office.

-Anxious to get home and eat some homemade ice cream and yummy mint chocolate filled cream puffs i made last night.

-Thinking about how my birthday is less than a month away.

-Listening to the self-titled Caedmon's CD on iTunes.

-Looking at my calendar and how I have 4 meetings tomorrow. I must be important. (j/k.)

-Wondering what else I'll do tonight (other than eat) when I get home...all the good TV on Wednesdays is over!

-excited about a new women's Bible Study on Daniel I'm going to start in a few's amazing how even though I'm a Bible College grad I've never really done any major Bible Studies such as this outside of class.

-my brain is overloaded with stuff that needs to be done at work...needless to say in the midst of transition w/ 2 people leaving out of our office.

-switching my iTunes to an EastMountainSouth song b/c i got tired of the one playing.

-trying to decide if I'll run tonight or not.

-scrunching up my shoulders. I don't know why I do that. I hate my posture.

-going home. peace out.

1 comment:

jackaway said...

-i always scrunch my shoulders too.

-i also hate my posture.

-call me next time you are around here.