Saturday, October 14, 2006

here's an update...


first and foremost, my dad has a new liver! praise God! he had a transplant on wednesday and all went well. i've been somewhat m.i.a. or practically living in chicago for 3 days, and will continue to be there quite often for that and other reasons.

i am extremely tired. and i'm not sure why i'm doing this right now instead of sleeping.

i'm pretty sure i'm leading a Week of E trip to Romania in the spring, and i'm pretty darn excited about that!

my sister's having another baby! (just in case you didn't already know that!) yay!

there are a few days in the near future that i'm quite excited about due to a certain someone who might be coming to visit...

it's cold outside, and it snowed yesterday. snowed.

also yesterday, Oprah and Bono were "painting the town red" for the new Red Campaign for the AIDS crisis in Africa. they were shopping on Michigan Avenue about a block from where I was, probably whilst I was also en route to Jamba Juice on Michigan Ave. myself. Can you believe it? And they didn't invite me?

dave barnes is coming to lincoln on 11/6. you should be there.

i'm eating frozen cherries and my eyes are closing, so i should go to bed.

thanks to anyone who's praying for my dad and keep it up!


Jonathan H. said...

Praise God that your Dad has got a new liver. Also glad to hear that your sister is going to have a new baby.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

People out of town still don't believe it snowed here. Glad for all the good news re: your posting.

A boy named Toadie said...

I praise God with you that your dad was able to get a new liver. I'm really excited to hear that you will be leading the trip to Romania. You will do great.