Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i'm tired.

so, I am tired...

and frustrated with a lot of things. And it is more than I can put into words and related to so many areas of life. But it's the fact that so many things remain unresolved that makes my frustrations even more frustrating. I'm not sure if that makes any sense to anyone, but it does to me. I need solutions. I need peace. And I need to be closer to the One who knows me best.

Tonight as I was driving home for Thanksgiving I realized how much I love the song "Apron Full of Stains" by The Normals from years ago. It gave me just a little glimpse of peace...of giving when I feel like I have nothing of my own to give. It certainly has to come from somewhere else these days. Anyway, listen to that song if you get a chance. Here are the lyrics:

She walks to the table with an apron full of stains and asks,
"Hey sir, what can I get for you today?"
Should I be polite and make nice conversation but the foods no good,
she doesn't seem to even notice me here.
Her shoulder slump to see her tear stained eyes and back
through the double swinging doors serving pies was not her goal in life.
I leave a tip like I think Jesus would and smile, "
Thanks alot, have a nice day" and I am on my way.
Jesus what would you do? Can you teach me how to love like you?

I wanna give you everything, but I have nothing of my own at all.
And if I give what I have not got will you fill me up and make me whole?

I see him sitting by the side of the building near the street side.
He's got a sign saying I will work for food.
He looks up with his glazed over eyes and says,
"How about a dollar for a Veteran, a fellow American?"
Empty stomach, empty mind, empty soul.
Have I got the time to feed him a little broken bread?
Do I toss up a prayer as I walk on by?
Give him a tract and a weak faked smile or do I take the time to show him a little love?
Don't feel like I got anything to give, so I guess I got nothing to lose.

I wanna give you everything, but I have nothing of my own at all.
And if I give what I have not got will you fill me up and make me whole?

I come back a couple weeks later and see
the same apron, same stains, same split-end hair pulled back.
She comes near and says, "Hey mister your smile picked me up the other day
just thought I would say thanks."
And I dont know why it takes all of my effort to try.

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Mills Family said...

I wanted to tell you to read Joshua 1:6-9 again. I know you know it but read it in your tired state. God's people as they sat ready to take over the promise land where some tired people too! God tells them to BE STRONG and COURAGEOUS because I am with you. That is the Emmanuel! He is with you and that is reason to be full of courage and strength. That depth of God will give you breathe....