Wednesday, January 10, 2007


After re-watching the Dave Barnes Christmas Extravaganza video on youtube (which I also posted on here in December...scroll down if you haven't seen it), I'm in the mood for random.

  1. I had the most wonderfully delectable Chocolate Mint hot tea at Barnes & Noble the other night. I'm trying to google it and can't figure out what brand of tea it is...if anyone knows what brand of tea they have at the Starbucks in BN, let me know! It was YUM-O. Speaking of teas, Mom got me some Pomegranate White Tea for Christmas that is also delish.
  2. The other night I had the best time just chatting w/ a friend at Panera for hours. I love friends that you can do that with and you leave feeling energized rather than drained.
  3. I realized today that sometimes I cannot handle people who are too nice. Does this make me a bad person?
  4. I think I came up with my dream job would be made up of 7 parts: 1 part singer, 1 part journalist, 1 part traveler, 1 part photographer, 1 part food critic, 1 part social justice/relief worker, 1 part review writer for all things (music, movies, hotels, restaurants, etc.) I think I would enjoy this. Though I don't have the skill I need for all of these, I would certainly love it. That's why it's a dream job.
  5. I have to buy a new TV b/c my color tube went out. I'm trying to figure out how I will get my current TV downstairs to the dumpster...
  6. Only 23 days left till our 2nd annual girls' retreat, AWAKEN, is here! We have so much to do, but it will be so fun.
  7. I've been writing a lot lately. Some of it is deep and some is futile. maybe I'll post some of it someday soon.
  8. I have now seen The Holiday twice in the theater. I think I could go again. I'm quite tempted.
  9. Trying to book a concert for LCC in April...any requests? I'm having a hard time b/c it's too late for a lot of artists who are already booked or in the studio.
  10. Winter sucks.
  11. I would like to drink some sweet tea right now.
  12. 1 month, 7 days until the Johyn Mayer concert.

And that's all for my random thoughts. Happy reading. Good day.

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