Wednesday, May 09, 2007

good things

I almost posted a list of things that drive me insane lately (i.e. the trains that so loudly blow their whistles constantly by my apartment or the idiot drivers in this town...), but I thought I should focus on the things that are good instead.

Here are some random things that make me happy these days:
*warm weather and sunshine

*the smell of outside in the mornings and evenings

*the smell of freshly cut grass

*the refund check for $51 I got in the mail yesterday from the $1000 I paid the dentist for my crowns...

*all my favorite shows on TV: The Bachelor, Tori & Dean: Inn Love, The Office, Grey's Anatomy...

*hearing a great song on the radio like "More than a Feeling" by Boston and blaring it with the windows down

*the fact that my baby nephew Evan is about to arrive any day now!!!

*fun memories that pop into my head out of nowhere and remind me of my dad

*looking fwd to seeing good friends like heidi and amanda this weekend at graduation! (not their graduations, but their younger sisters...which makes me feel so old!!!)

1 comment:

Mills Family said...

Good things keep up going don't they...? It is funny how the smallest thing like a memory can have such power. I am blessed by your list. Some of mine are..
..laying out on my deck listening to the birds.
...The sound of my children laughing.
...Finishing the laundry.
...My husbands hand in mine.
...Love notes from my children.