Monday, July 02, 2007

oh blue sky, you got somethin on me...

please know that the title of this blog has absolutely nothing to do with anything else I'll write, except for the fact that it's the first line of "Ancient Voices" by The Gabe Dixon Band, which I love.

I'm thinking about a lot of things lately, and I'd love to expound on them more. For now, these are just fleeting thoughts in no particular order:

-----It's funny how when we're little we just want to be older. And when we're older we just want to be young again. I definitely fear getting old...I hate seeing what it does to people I love. Alzheimer's is hitting our family a little closer to home w/ my grandma, and it's scary how our bodies and minds can do something so strange. It's hard to watch someone suffer through it and not know what's going on.

-----The sunset has this incredible power to mesmerize me every time. And no matter what anyone says, I love the flatlands of Illinois. We have the most beautiful horizons with blue skies, green grass or corn fields, a country barn here and there, all against the backdrop of a beautifully painted sky. I think mountains would just get in the way...I just enjoy seeing for miles and me crazy.

-----Yesterday at church I was reminded that no matter what we do, we are never beyond God's reach. I know this and have always known this, but I think I am learning to really know it. Does that make sense? There is no depth we can sink to--whether that be in sin, anger, depression, doubt, indifference--that is beyond his reach. He'll stoop as low as it takes to bring us back. That's a loving God.

-----The iPhone...let's talk about this for just a second. I appreciate Apple's brilliance and the fact that this phone has just about every feature one might find need for with the touch of a button. However, I'm saddened daily by our need to hold the world in the palm of our hands. We make everything convenient. We make everything fit into our world and at the touch of a button. It scares me for the future, because a life of convenience means a life without much dependence on anything or anyone else. We're already too independent and reliant on ourselves or technology. Besides that, most people who are going to purchase an iPhone or who have waited in line for one are likely already owners of a mac computer, an iPod, and who knows what other gadgets. I just think it can be bad stewardship... (not in every case...there are legitimage reasons why some have need for these things, don't get me wrong here! and of course i'd love to have an iPhone, but i certainly don't have money for one and it's not a priority on my 'things to spend money on' list)

-----Completely random: Last week when I was running I found myself praying for Whitney Houston. What? I know...random. I had the song "Fine" on my music list and wondered why she had to go and mess herself up with drugs. I feel bad for her b/c she really needs serious help. So I prayed for her. Celebrities need Jesus too. :)

-----I found a sweet red wine that I've really been enjoying the past few nights before bed. I normally only like whites, but I really like this one that I found at Wal-Mart, and it's from a local winery near St. Louis. However, it's making me have some crazy dreams the past few nights...

While all of these things are somewhat fleeting thoughts, they're all ones (except for the last one, really) that I have mentally made note of and want to think/write about more. Someday I will. Just not today.


Mills Family said...

Love your thoughts! I am with you totally on the Whitney sad but so within the grace of Jesus. I is trying to be like God to "hold the world in the palm of your hand." It seems like Eve's issue.."eat this fruit and live forever" just like God. Jesus himself said "to be like God was not to be grasped."
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Mandy, I love you, haha. I totally do the pray for celebs, thing. Our Whitney will be back, I KNOW she will.

bobbay! Bobbay brown!