Wednesday, October 17, 2007


so tonight at my grandma's visitation, my grandma & grandpa's neighbor lady was hugging my sister and me and then put her hand on my stomach and said "when is it due?"

uh. yeah.

i said..."i'm not pregnant."

i've gotta stop wearing those babydoll dresses & shirts that make skinny people look pregnant.


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! That was too funny. I laughed really hard when your mom was like, "She didn't even tell me!"

Shannon said...

Please don't stop wearing those are cute. People are just stupid. Stupid I say.

Mills Family said...

Wear them NOW my friend wear them NOW because some day it you will look when you are old like me people will say that and you will have not excuse like "a baby doll"'s too short...wear what's in I say.

Mandy said...

hahaha. thanks, friends. i think it's hilarious. i'm pretty sure rumors are going around streator now that i'm many people heard us laughing about it last night that everyone's gonna think it's true!