Sunday, March 16, 2008

today's update

We still don't have our bags...and we're still wearing our clothes from 3 days ago. Last night we went to buy clothes for church, so we actually had some clean clothing for today. I'm still wearing it. Our bags are here in Oradea, but we won't get them until morning when our driver delivers them. I'm praying mine will be w/ the rest of the group's since I arrived a day later than our group and gave the Budapest airport Rachel's address instead of the Caminul Felix address. I think someone called there and took care of it for me. Let's hope so.

We went to church this morning, which is a lot more exciting than church in America. They jump and clap and dance and don't mind being at church for almost 3 hours. We've enjoyed the rest of the day resting, buying groceries for our breakfast/lunch all week, and playing games tonight. We learned a bit more from Rachel tonight about Forget Me Not Ministries and the Roma (gypsy) culture that we'll be a part of this week in Tinca.

It has been a nice day but we're ready to dive in to working this week. Tomorrow morning our bags will be here and we'll head to Tinca to clean, clean, clean the center from some construction that was being done there last week. Tuesday morning we'll finally meet the 6 kids who are in the center. We're excited!

Keep praying.

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Mills Family said...

I was praying for you and wanted to check in....glad to hear you are SEEing God in many ways. I love you and am proud of you...keep your ears to hearing and your heart wide open....His love abounds girlfriend.