Sunday, October 05, 2008

music notes

Have any of you ever paid $15 to get into a venue with your friends where you spent the entire evening taking pictures of yourselves in varying combinations of people whilst some singer, to whom you're paying no attention, is playing and singing his/her heart out on stage?

yeah, me neither.

But every time I go to a Matt Wertz concert, I seem to be a magnet for all of the college students who came for a few drinks and social hour. I suppose I should clarify...every time I see Matt Wertz @ The Canopy Club in Urbana, this is what happens. And once at Augustana College as well. They all end up right in front of my friends and me, all chatty-cathies and picture-taking and flirting and what-not.

But the most frustrating part is that when Matt actually tried to share his heart about The Mocha Club and how $1 can give clean water to 1 African for an entire year, they weren't even paying attention. Grrr...

All of my concert commentary aside, I've been to more Matt Wertz shows than probably necessary, but I still enjoy a night of good music and friends, and feeling like I'm in a living room with just us and Matt.

On a different note, I just love discovering new music. I love anything new, but music is always my favorite thing to discover. And most of what I find is certainly not new per se, but it's usually new to me. And if you're a musician and I like your music, you can typically count on me to be a loyal fan.

Lately, here's what I've found that I really like:
  • Lucy Schwartz--had some songs on the soundtrack for The Women. Really fun style...check her out:
  • Parker House and Theory--opened for Wertz tonight. I'll be honest. I didn't like it at first. I had no idea who these guys were and what language they were singing in the first couple songs b/c i couldn't understand the words, but after a couple songs I really liked it. Or maybe it was just the attractive drummer who actually did sing in Spanish and play the drums well. The songs on their myspace page don't do them justice. I thought recorded may be better than live, but I think the live performance is worth seeing. Based out of Boston, they've got a trendy rock, latino, funky vibe... Check them out:
  • Michelle Featherstone--heard one of her songs in the background of a wedding slideshow at a recent wedding and googled the lyrics to find out who she was. Really good stuff.
  • Marc Broussard--not new to me. In fact, I've been listening to him for a few years now, but he has some great new stuff out. Love his scratchy, rough, raw, New Orleans voice...If you haven't been listening to him by now, you're missing out.
  • Again, certainly not new, but I really really love the Jonas Brothers song, "Lovebug." I'm a dork.
  • I still love "Shut Up and Let Me Go" by the Ting Tings from the iTunes commercial. Makes me just want to dance around the room pretending I'm one of the dancing silhouettes on the iPod commercials.
  • Lady Antebellum--loving their harmonies and fun style. I've really only heard 2 of their songs, the upbeat songs, and didn't spend much time listening to anything else on their page, but I'm a sucker for good harmony and non-depressing Country music that makes you want to sing your heart out and tap on the steering wheel.

I know there is more I've been listening to lately, but I love love love music recommendations, so tell me what's in your ears these days!


katemcdonald said...

Mandy, that would make me so mad. I would be the person in the audience who gets fed up and tells everyone to shut up! Poor Matt... he is a good guy too so if he ever does propose it might be worth considering *grin*

Anonymous said...

A few of my favorite artist...
-Scott Matthews
-City and Colour
-Jason Mraz
-Jeff Buckley
-Chris Botti (amazing Jazz!!, dated Katie Couric!)
-James Morrison
Not sure if you have these people in your IPOD already but thought I would share...Also, a favorite show/band to get into is Flight of The can watch episodes on youtube! Love those guys!

thadd sparrow said...

1. Classic Baby Beethoven
2. Amos Lee
3. Cattle Bandits (my brother's country band)
4. NeedToBreathe

thadd sparrow said...

oh, and sammy davis jr.

btw...where's the cool "manly" graphics i suggested?

Shannon said...

Denison Witmer has some great new cover songs on his myspace that you should check out. Good stuff.