Thursday, March 19, 2009

quick update

#1: First things first, I'm writing in orange for my BFF Bruce Weber and the Illini. Let's hope they can pull off a win tonight... (By the way, did I mention I flew with Brucey a few weeks ago when I went to Florida with my mom and friends Lindsey and Chelsea? Yep. Hung out w/ him in the airport. OK, sat by him as we waited to board. OK, just sat right behind where he was and snuck cell phone pics of him and let him have his space...there you have it. But we flew w/ him from Bloomington to Atlanta.)

#2: I'm a sucker for March Madness. I don't pay any attention to basketball the rest of the year (except for Illinois) because there's too many teams to follow and keep up with. But March Madness? I'm all in.

#3: I'm strongly considering moving my blog to Wordpress. You can check out and see what you think. I just think it's better, and I like being able to create my own header. I'm bored with blogger. Any opinions?

#4: The other day I saw Abe Lincoln. On a bicycle. Looking at something in the dumpster behind my apartment. For real. He looked just like Abe. I said hi, but I didn't know if he was a nice Abe or not, so I sorta hurried up the stairs. It made my day though.

#5: I've been thinking about customer service lately, because I've had some really rude people make my burritos or take my clothes at the consignment shop or check me out at stores. I take that back. Not all were rude, but some were just plain ignorant of the fact that I was the customer and they were the worker. I hope I never treat people like that. I'm glad I'm aware. I suppose partially because it's a huge part of my job, and partially because I was educated in Business well enough to know that it's vital. And it's just common sense, isn't it?

#6: I really need to start writing more. I have all of these things in my head that need to get out, so this is an attempt to get my fingers writing again. I promise, more substance in the future... For now, you get my crazy thoughts.

#7: I'm hungry, so I'm done. Just letting the 3 of you who read this know that I'm still alive, and saving you from having to read my thoughts on The Bachelor at the top of the page yet again.


Emily said...

Was it the Abe that rides around on the old-timey bike?
Abe was eating in the hospital caf a few weeks ago and I asked Jeff (jokingly) if we should get a picture of him and Aidan together...he quickly said no :)

Mandy said...

Indeed it WAS the Abe on the old timey bike! That's funny you guys saw him too.

He seems nice...I felt kinda bad and thought maybe I should've talked to him. But I get scared sometimes w/ anyone (even the old ladies) digging through the dumpster.