Wednesday, July 22, 2009

an Inconvenient Truth, indeed...

Oh, Al Gore, I hate to say it, but you were right. It is an inconvenient truth what this world is coming to. I'm not all "green" per se, but I try to be whenever it's possible. I've been trying to recycle my plastic and paper boxes whenever I can. And as I'm moving out of my apartment, I'm sure I could be recycling things a lot more. Some I'm taking downstairs to the thrift store which is below my apartment (very convenient), but other things are going in the trash.

One thing I've avoided throwing in the trash is a collection of empty wine bottles from my wine rack. I've tried to figure out a place to take them to, but I've had no luck. Just now I called the Logan County Solid Waste department, and I found that Lincoln only accepts glass to be recycled the 2nd Saturday of the month at a station in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Huh? So you're telling me you'll allow us to recycle one day out of the month, but there is nowhere to take them the rest of the time? It's the truth.

I'm unsure now what to do with about 17 empty wine bottles that really shouldn't go into the trash.

Any ideas? And no, I'm not breaking them up to make some cool collage or anything, though that would be a fun project any other time. In the midst of a move, I'm ready to just get rid of these things.

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Brit and Jen said...

We have a recycling bin that takes almost everything, including glass. If you want to drop them off (if you're near Peoria), you're more than welcome. Or do they recycle glass in Bloomington at the recycling centers- one at the Kroger off of College?