Monday, July 06, 2009


Goo, I am bad at updating and writing lately! And because I've given myself exactly 5 more minutes before I'm forcing myself to close the laptop and go to bed, this will have to be short. I've had too many late nights and early mornings lately, and too many of those leave me pretty much worthless throughout the day. I need my sleep. On top of that, I ran for the first time in weeks yesterday and my body is feeling it today...

Now, onto my big update: For those who don't know, I AM MOVING! In 20 days, I'm moving to Louisville, KY to be the Discipleship/Student Ministries Secretary at Southeast Christian Church's southern IN campus in Jeffersonville, IN. (quite a mouthful, really, to explain...) Yep, some of you are probably thinking "FINALLY! It's about time she gets out of Lincoln!" and others are thinking "Why? Kentucky? Really?"

The truth is, I've been in Lincoln working for 5 years now, and including my college years here, I've been in this town for 9 years of my life. That's a big chunk of time. I'm 26 and single, and I've got a little bit of the city life in me that I have yet to get out. I'm certainly not getting it out living in downtown Lincoln. I'm excited to move to another city, and I'm excited about the opportunities that come along with this job.

Let me clearly say this: I never imagined myself working at a church, much less Southeast Christian Church (the mega of megachurches...). Let me also clear this up: I, in no way, am in love with Southeast Christian Church or even the idea that it is such a large church that may bring along some idea of "Christian celebrity." Some have that idea, but I'm honestly not phased by it at all. I'm just excited to begin feeling like I'm a regular, real, serving, participating member of a church body again.

Also, I get to work with one of the best teams of people, including one of my best friends since Junior High. :) I get to go from working with one best friend, Lindsey, to working with another, Amanda. (I just wish I wasn't leaving on the day that Lindsey's baby is due...) The rest of the team consists of people I'd totally hang out with outside of work, which is always a sign of a great team! So far, it appears to be a really healthy staff of 8 people who communicate well with each other, and I'm pretty sure they're ready to pass off some of the details and stuff to their new secretary, yours truly.

I have a new apartment already as well. I found one last week and it somewhat reminds me of mine in Lincoln, which is a great thing since this apartment is one I'll miss like crazy! However, it's past my time limit, and I am going to practice discipline and make myself go to sleep. So, I'll write about it another time.

For now, pray for me as I begin this transition in my myself...5 hours from family and friends, but minutes away from many other friends in Louisville...

And if anyone wants to help me move...I'm taking names! :)


Neil and Courtney said...

Yay! Congratulations!! So, weird thing: I dreamt about eating sushi last night. I guess it's a sign that we need to go once before I leave since you will be down here!

Erin A said...

Good luck with everything! You'll be missed!!

Christine said...

What an adventure! I look forward to hearing about it as you go along. Louisville is such a great city!