Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm spending this week on a team retreat in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN with the rest of the student ministry team at Southeast. Above is our view from the cabin. It's pretty incredible having meetings overlooking that! We're planning, brainstorming, vision-casting, dreaming, scheduling, laughing, resting, and renewing. It's much needed for everyone on this trip (there are 16 of us).

While I'd love to share more, I just have to say that I had some great moments today sitting on a big rock in the middle of some rushing waters underneath me. I spent some much needed time in the Word, reflected on the weight and responsibility of ministry, and just prayed for vision in my own life.

For a few moments I paused, noticing the frigid waters and how swiftly they were moving. Compelled by a force from somewhere beyond, they were unstoppable, moving from one source to another. No rock, no stone of any size can hinder their current, and I couldn't help but pray the same for my life.

I pray that I will be like these swift waters, rushing toward the Source of all things...seeking only to know Him, being stopped or swayed by nothing. Sometimes I get stopped up on little rocks here and there, wondering where to go next, how to get there, assessing every little move, and I just felt the Holy Spirit saying today "Just keep moving!" I know we all get caught up by distractions, valid fears, problems, and situations in our lives that slow our current down, but I pray we'll be unstoppable. There is a force behind us, the power of the Holy Spirit, that moves us toward a goal-a Kingdom, actually-that is worth moving for.

I pray we'll move.

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Christine said...

This is exactly where I am right now too...I don't know what's coming next but I have to just start moving. Thanks for the good words. I LOVE that part of Tennessee - the mountains are just breathtaking. Enjoy your week.