Friday, November 12, 2010

fashionABLE scarves

As you can see from my post below, I've got Christmas on the brain already. From brainstorming gift ideas to downloading the new Dave Barnes Christmas album, I'm feeling the spirit already. I'm halfway tempted to put up my tree just so I can see all the sparkly ornaments in my living room. :)

However, I've gotta post this as an option for Christmas gifts. Check out this video:

I love gifts with meaning, and this is a great opportunity to give someone something that has actually helped to change a life. I found out about these great scarves that women in Ethiopia are making, and by purchasing these, you could be helping support their freedom and their life--in the truest sense of life. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, consider encouraging the life and hope these women in Ethiopia have found through Jesus by purchasing one of the scarves (named after the women) as a Christmas gift!

If you know me, you might just be getting one yourself this pretend to be surprised!

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