Friday, February 04, 2011

musical candy

Because I'm too unfocused lately to sit down and write anything substantial, I'll just share some music y'all should check out these days:

Adele's new album, 21. My favorite songs: Rolling in the Deep, Rumour Has It, & One & Only (In fact, I'm dying to see someone on next season's So You Think You Can Dance do a contemporary routine to One & Only--I can see it in my head, but unfortunately I am not a contemporary dancer, so I cannot make it happen myself.)

Dave Moisan's debut album, Ungravity Pt. 1 - Dave's a friend here in Louisville who is incredibly talented, and he just released the first part of his debut album in a 3-song EP. It's on iTunes & Amazon. Check it out, seriously. It'll make you want summer here right now. Here's his FB page.

A Lion Named Roar's album Said & Done - I'm new to these guys...also from Louisville. I went to hear Dave Moisan live last week and became a fan of these guys after they performed before Dave. They've also got a great cover of Bruno Mars' song Grenade that you should check out. Here's their FB page.

The Civil Wars' album Barton Hollow - This is their debut album, but you'd never know it. Their insane harmonies sound like The Civil Wars (Joy Williams & John Paul White) have been making music together for decades, but they've only just begun. You would recognize songs they've written as solo songwriters & artists in the past (In fact, Joy Williams was quite the Christian solo artist when I was in high school...loved her then!), but this stuff will blow you away. If you want to hear it before you buy it, you can stream it free here. Trust me, you'll want to buy it. I'm obsessed.

Gateway Worship - God Be Praised - Really love Kari Jobe & pretty much anything she does, so her songs on here are fantastic. Also I am constantly reminding myself of the truth in the song the song Victory on this album.

I'm also experiencing a big resurgence of these not-so-new artists/albums that I've loved for a long time:

-old school Caedmon's Call - specifically the 40 Acres album.

-Needtobreathe - everything. Love all of their music. I don't think there's one song I don't like.

-Sara Bareilles - some of her live stuff - specifically her cover of Sittin On the Dock of the it. (apparently so do a million American Idol contestants, b/c everyone seems to sing it during audition weeks...)

-Lady Antebellum - I just cannot get enough of their fun songs sometimes.

-Manafest - I'm new to these guys. Normally I don't listen to much from the genre of Christian music, but I loved the song Avalanche when I heard it on the radio, and I do enjoy their hip-hop feel. Maybe they're new? Maybe they're not? Either way, I'm new to their music...I like it.

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