Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Joplin, part 2

Since there's so much that has been going on since the tornado in Joplin, I'll be honest: I've lost some perspective. I think most of America has by now. Anderson Cooper is no longer there, the news cameras are gone, and the reality of it all has settled in.

Sadly, the reality for those of us not living there is this: we're not really affected.
The reality for those who live in Joplin is this: life is forever different.

(above: the living room/bedroom of my boss Cody Walker's mom's house - Praise God she was found OK and uninjured on that mattress!!!)

After seeing the damage there, I'd like to say that my life is forever different, but I've lost some of that perspective. A week after getting back from there I found
myself complaining that tiny ants had taken over my kitchen counters, yet somehow fighting to be thankful that I even HAVE a kitchen still intact. Over a month later, I'm still not content with so many things in life, and I'm afraid I've lost perspective.

(above: the kitchen of Cody's mom's house)

To try to regain a little perspective, I didn't want to forget about posting some things from there. I truly will never forget the images in my mind from this, but I'll also never forget hearing stories and seeing the Church's response to this city's tragedy. The gospel is being made known.

If you're interested, my friend Tony Anderson answered some questions on his friend's blog HERE. It's a great read from someone who happened to be in the city the night of the tornado.

Continue to pray for the people of Joplin and for Jesus to keep being made known through this. There is still great work to be don
e. While a city is being rebuilt, there is a Kingdom being built.