Monday, November 15, 2004

Weekend Update:

Right now I'm enamored by two things: how great God is and how small I am. That he could hang the stars and call them each by name and still reach down, so far down, to us on earth--I'm stuck without words. His hands have to be so big. All I can even think or pray is this: "Make yourself real to me."
Because it all seems so unreal sometimes.

And because I'm on a Matt Wertz high from his wonderfully, completely acoustic, unplugged, and unbelievable show in St. Louis on Friday, I'll let his words sink in about the splendor of our Maker.

All I Know
I don't know how the stars hang
Or how there's night and there is day
I don't know how you spoke into the black
and made it all be

All I know
is the bleeding in my heart
and the healing in your touch
All I know
is that you gave everything
so let that be enough...
it's all I know, it's all I know

I don't know how your love works
Or how you cover me in grace
I don't know how you swallow all I am
when I can't stand my taste

I can't explain your mystery
but I know the answer

The part I'm stuck on is this: "I don't know how you swallow all I am when I can't stand my taste." That's a gracious God.

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