Friday, December 10, 2004

I wanted to write in this today but I have no flow of creative juices at the moment. So, i'll make a list. Because those always work.

Where I want to go on vacation next: California.
After that? Europe again.

What I'm kind of annoyed with hearing about but really just jealous of: honeymoons.
Two weddings in two weeks in one office. When is it my turn?

Worried about: how I'm going to freeze in a sleeveless shirt and skirt at the wedding tmw.
I'll get over it.

Thankful: that my 1:30 appointment to fill out retirement plan papers only took approx. 2 minutes. I didn't really want to have to space out while he repeated information to me that I heard about 2 months ago, didn't understand, don't remember, and feel stupid about for not understanding and having a business degree.

Thinking about: how i'll see my BCG's in a few short hours!!! yay!

Feeling bad: because I just bored any possible blog readers out of ever reading my blog again. Sorry. Please come back again! And leave a comment--even if it is to say that this was the stupidest blog entry you've ever read. (although I've written worse.)

Peace be with you.

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