Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'd like to refer you to read Mike Baker's (as well as Barney Wells') preparation for the Theological Coffeehouse we had today in the LCC warehouse on "where the church is headed culturally." If you get a chance go to:

It's good to read both Dr. Wells' and Baker's sides, but I particularly agree more w/ Baker. Let me know what you think.


pmac said...

Thanks for putting that up. I love Mike Baker. I think that I could just sit at his feet for days taking in all the nuggets of wisdom he spits out. The other guy has some okay things written, but I definitely have a bias toward Mikey. Good new title by the way!! I dig it

Dustin said...

Yeah, i liked Mike's thoughts and actually emailed him today since he was just out here visiting me in NYC talking through some similar things. It's a good thought about 50 year olds with experience planting a church but how many 50 year olds are going to leave the comfort of their own church and bring their family to New York City or another major city and plant a church. By this time most 50 year olds have had their passion and vision beat out of them and now are just making a paycheck. I can't think of one 50 year old that would give up their comfort to plant a church. It's a sad day for those who are supposed to be leading us. All that happens now is you get traded from church to church like Ortberg, Breaux, Appel, all of the guys who could make a huge impact just go to a bigger church where they can make more money and speak in front of more people. A very sad day.

Mandy said...

Yeah, I agree it's sad to see that few, if any, older people in ministry are going off to plant churches. They are the ones with experience, and it would be great to have them leading the way. In a sense, some of them have already planted churches, and then they move on once the church has grown...but instead of moving on to plant a new church they move onto churches that are already large and in charge. I can't say that Breaux or Appel's intentions in going to Willow were for money or to preach to more people. In fact, I know they had some intent to make some changes for the better at Willow... But how cool would it be for them to plant a church from scratch instead? I'd love to see that happen!